The Week In Links: Zines, UnFancy Food and RIP

NYC Zine Fest

What a crazy week was last week! First off, I want to send my condolences out to the families of Neda, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays.

Sunday, I went to the Unfancy Food Show at East River Bar in Williamsburg. It was so much good food. I ate pickles, beef jerky, ice cream and a shepherd’s pie-like beef pattie. UPDATE: I was quoted in the New York Times.

Saturday, I stopped by the NYC Zine Fest at the Brooklyn Lyceum and was amazed at all the cool zines. It was nice chatting with Ayun Halliday who is the founder of the zine East Village Inky.

Thursday, I drank jargaritas at Obliterati.

Wednesday, I listened to David Carr read from his memoir, The Night of The Gun.

Tuesday, I attended the Microsoft Preview party. The HTC Snap is the phone I would love to get and the “Inner Circle” button is cool.

Smashing Time At Smashing Darling Event

June 023
Cocktails, cupcakes and couture. What more could a woman ask for?! Smashing Darling and PR Couture hosted a fun event last night on Mulberry Street.
It was great to see Mo and Trish Darling. Yuli Ziv, who just gave a great talk about fashion and twitter at the 140 conference was there as well as Bob from Brooklyn Royalty and Pamela from Market Publique
I met Mellie Davis, founder of The Fat Apple and her wonderful friends who seem to be in the know of all the parties in the city that even I don’t know about.
The goodie bag was like opening presents on Christmas Day. I got a beautiful necklace made by April Torres of Isabella Grace Originals as well Burt’s Bees lip gloss, a $25 gift certificate from Charlotte Russe, Mad Gabs lip balm, a gift certificate from Edun and a cute T-shirt.

Salty Caramel Yumminess

June 021

First you know this fact: salt plus caramel is a wonderful thing! When I walked around Design Within Reach in Soho sampling the desserts created by Oceana Pastry Chef Jansen Chen, I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the plate of salty caramel mini donuts. I took a bite and it was love. It was so delicious that I even licked a litle caramel off my pinky finger. There were also cookies, little blueberry cakes, panna cotta and fruit foccacia, but that salty caramel filled donut is the reason I will venture up to Midtown. BTW, Oceana is moving later this summer, September 1st, in a new location at 1221 Avenue of the Americas.

I Am @The 140 Conf Today

Today is day one of the 140 Conference. Since twitter is having an outage for an hour right now, I figure I would blog since I can’t tweet. Today I hung with a lot of cool people I know and I met a few new ones. Talking to Pat Kiernan was cool, as well as meeting Kwanza Hall, the City Councilman from Atlanta’s district 2. I’m glad I seeing some diversity. There are women. There are a few African Americans. There are people from other cities and other countries all around the world. However, I just read Kelly’s Mediapost column, and there are people who should be here. People like her dad. People who work in industries that are dying. People who are passionate about things but don’t have an online community to share their passions. People who are looking for jobs in the new media who don’t use social media. People who need to know how to brand or re-brand themselves. I love these conferences. I just hope that these conferences don’t become a circle jerk or echo chamber.

The Week in Links (Books, Facebook, Cupcakes)

Cupcake Kebabs

Monday, I saw David Byrne at Prospect Park. He danced. He sang. He wore a tutu.

I finished reading Danzy Senna’s family memoir, Where Did You Sleep Last Night? It is excellent. Now I am reading Ben Greenman’s latest novelPlease Step Back.

Wednesday, I went to see Food Inc, a powerful documentary about agribusiness and the commercial food industry. I highly recommend seeing it and getting involved locally.

So I was one of the reported 500,000 people who got their Facebook URL at midnight Saturday. It’s kinda silly, but I have it. [Note: You have to be logged in for it to work.]

Saturday afternoon, Cupcakes Take The Cake held its third annual picnic. It rained off and on but we ate cupcakes and cupcake kebabs!

Sunday, I went to see The Hangover and the movie theatre was packed. It was funny, but they never explained how the chicken got into hotel room. I think that was “stunt casting”.

The Internet Week in Links (Future, Good Ideas, Webuntante)

Photo by Diana Levine
taken at the Webutante Ball.
Wednesday, I went to IWantMedia’s The Future of Media panel discussion. Carmina recapped it excellently.

Friday, I attended PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon on Collaboration. Met some very cool people including Andrew Cherwenka of Trapeze and Sam Nelson of Formed With Art.

Friday night, I partied at the Webutante Ball. Fun, crowded and not like my prom since people actually stayed there long after they took their pictures which is amazing since the drinks were expensive.

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Cupcakes, Internet Week and Twitter

Cupcake Eating at Billy's Bakery

It’s Wednesday, and I am knee deep in Internet Week with all the conferences, panels and parties.

Today, I am quoted and Cupcakes Take The Cake is linked in a fun article in the LA Times about cupcakes.

BTW, I will one of the 140 characters at the 140 Character Conference on June 16/17. Everyone who is attending on twitter, uses twitter, loves twitter. It will be tweet.

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EconAffinity Conference

Today, I am attending ContentNext’s EconAffinity Conference which is online advertising, behavioral targeting, audience engagement and the like.  Below are some of my tweets.

niche: Wow! I have heard Carson Palmer’s name mentioned way too much in this panel discussion. #econaffinity

about 7 minutes ago

niche: Behavioral targeting dentifies important audiences so that content could be platform/website agnostic. #econaffinity

about 39 minutes ago

niche: Is micro-chunking a word? #econaffinity

about 48 minutes ago

niche: don’t overlook the the importance of creative and the softer side of online advertising. -WH Millard #econaffinity

about 55 minutes ago

55SecretStreet: RT @niche: “Do more of what works; less of what doesn’t.” -Graham Hill #econaffinity Nichelle

about 3 hours ago

niche: “Do more of what works; less of what doesn’t.” -Graham Hill #econaffinity Nichelle

about 4 hours ago

niche: CBS News has a deal with to live stream the evening news. #econaffinity

about 4 hours ago