The Week In Links: Zines, UnFancy Food and RIP

What a crazy week was last week! First off, I want to send my condolences out to the families of Neda, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson […]

Smashing Time At Smashing Darling Event

Cocktails, cupcakes and couture. What more could a woman ask for?! Smashing Darling and PR Couture hosted a fun event last night on Mulberry Street. […]

Salty Caramel Yumminess

First you know this fact: salt plus caramel is a wonderful thing! When I walked around Design Within Reach in Soho sampling the desserts created […]

Matt and Me at Touch

TWITTERERZ 4 LIFE @niche and @mcaldecutt

The Triumvirate: The Three Nichelles

Me, Nichelle Gainer and Nichelle Pace of at a 140 conference party at Touch.

I Am @The 140 Conf Today

Today is day one of the 140 Conference. Since twitter is having an outage for an hour right now, I figure I would blog since […]

The Week in Links (Books, Facebook, Cupcakes)

Monday, I saw David Byrne at Prospect Park. He danced. He sang. He wore a tutu. I finished reading Danzy Senna’s family memoir, Where Did […]

The Internet Week in Links (Future, Good Ideas, Webuntante)

Photo by Diana Levine taken at the Webutante Ball. Wednesday, I went to IWantMedia’s The Future of Media panel discussion. Carmina recapped it excellently. Friday, […]

Cupcakes, Internet Week and Twitter

It’s Wednesday, and I am knee deep in Internet Week with all the conferences, panels and parties. Today, I am quoted and Cupcakes Take The […]

EconAffinity Conference

Today, I am attending ContentNext’s EconAffinity Conference which is online advertising, behavioral targeting, audience engagement and the like.  Below are some of my tweets. niche: […]