2000 To The 9. A Personal Recap of This Year.

January Low key New Year’s Eve. Inauguration party was fun. Was in the studio audience for Martha Stewart show. February I did a fun cupcake […]

The Parties Are Slowing Down

Picture above is from the Mooney, Sklar and Waxler party. I have a few more before 2009 is over. Thinking about doing a “dry January” […]

Holiday Niche List

December 16: Our Hit Parade at Joe’s Pub featuring the top songs of the decade. It will be crazy twisted with Carolyn Castiglia performing with […]

The Niche List: Effing Cool Women

Under the crush of parties and events, I bring you a little something, something. Saturday, December 5. Tina Shoulders of LaidBack Home presents the Cupcake […]