Ad Executive Realness?!

Mad Men is back with its fifth season and I am excited for its return. There are so many writers busy
recapping episodes that I won’t do that here. However I will ruminate on themes of the show that I perceive. Yesterday, I walked into a vintage clothing store in Red Hook and browsed a bit When I left, I laughed at the store’s sign that said “spring picnic realness”. I immediately thought of the documentary, “Paris Is Burning” and the ball categories like “executive realness”.

This led me to think how Don Draper is more than a character; he is a caricature of what many think of 1960’s advertising executive looked, drank, smoked, and screwed. In fact, maybe Don Draper is the drag persona Dick Whitman.

It may seem like a stretch, but Jon Hamm’s acting as Don could be like a straight man in hyper masculine drag.

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Nichelle Stephens

Does Having A Dog Signify You Are Relationship Ready?

When I notice a trend, I often wonder if it is significant or just a convergence of coincidences. BTW, is there any research being done on cultural trends through the prism of particle dynamics?! I failed physics in college but I think I would have aced it if was taught using pop cultural analogies.

Anyway, I have noticed more of my single lady-friends and/or women getting dogs. The dogs are not little ones that you carry in a designer purse. (Paris Hilton, no one likes you.)

No matter how low maintenance these dogs are, they still more attention and care than a cat. Their owners are busy NYC women who go to work and attend events. I think about something Erica Reitman said to me once when leaving a bar to walk her dog, "Having a dog makes you a better person".

That may be true but does having a dog mean you are relationship ready? The nightly partying has to curbed if you have a dog because you have to walk your dog. It also means you actually walk which is good for your health. If you frequently go to a dog park, then you socialize with other dog owners. Some of them you may want sniff and date. Woof!