Nuance, Nostalgia, New Chapter

via Instagram Shorter blog post: I left Brooklyn because I couldn’t afford it. I was afraid that I would be a bag lady. That […]

Conversations At A Brooklyn Party

My first stop on Saturday evening was to an art gallery show on the Lower East Side featuring work by the mother of a friend. […]

Hot Grease With Nicole Taylor

Today I had the pleasure of being on Nicole Taylor’s show on Heritage Radio Network, “Hot Grease“. We talked and laughed about the latest news […]

$Money$ And Cupcake

I saw this graffiti tag on a trash can in the 15th Street/Prospect Park subway in Park Slope. It seems appropiate since money (Keeping Nickels) […]

Brooklyn Farmacy: Great For (Soda) Jerks

Saturday was a very hot day, so it was good time to venture over to Carroll Gardens to Brooklyn Farmacy, a new soda fountain that […]

Atlantic Ave Art Walk

It was super humid on Saturday, but the Boy and I went to the Atlantic Ave Art Walk. We hung with my Anita, and we […]

Red Hook Mercado

<p I have been hearing about the Red Hook Ball Fields vendors for years, but I actually never tasted the deliciousness until Saturday. I made […]

Sunday In The Park With Friends

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful afternoon at Brooklyn Bridge Park. My friends and I sat on the grass right under the Manhattan Bridge. Heidi came […]

Niche List: Veggie Prom, Jewelry Making, Franklin St and More

The Jane Carousel in DUMBO. May 14. Veggie Prom at Littlefield. May 15. Vintage-inspired Jewelry making at The Brooklyn Museum with Kae Burke. 2-4PM $15 […]

Niche List: May 7 Ice Cream, Design And Music

Picture taken at P0rno Bingo at Pieces on Thursday. Slowest Bingo ever. Haagen Dazs Five is the best thing ever. It is their new line […]