Everybody’s Working For the Weekend

It’s my first official weekend guide, since Daily Candy is doing it then I can, too!

This just in…Big D on Avenue C…Don McCloskey playing tonight March 26 at the C-Note 157 Avenue at 10thSt. Show starts at 7PM. $5 Cover. Come join the Freakshow, baby!

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, March 27 at 2PM. It’s a TV and Movie Location Hunt in Greenwich Village. Put on your walking shoes and your thinking caps. ( Make sure they are coordinated!) Hunt price: $25/person.

Sunday ends with a bang! The Hip Hop Hoodios have taken their diverse influences, which includes Latino and Jewish cultures to create a trail mix of rock and rap. The Hip Hop Hoodios are rocking the casa this Sunday, March 28 at S.O.B.’s!

One World

Lately, I find myself saying “It’s a small world” a lot because New York is a really a small city with many social circles. Now, whenever I meet someone new, there is usually some connection with a friend or a F.O.A.F. (friend of a friend)! So I was really curious when I picked up “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. I found out that I am a bit of a “Connector“. What does it mean? I think it means that I know a lot of people, so if I piss off a bunch of you then I may have to go into a witness protection program!

In related news…look out for The Roots new album dropping this spring, The Tipping Point Sessions.

Shop Around

Another news flash about Halcyon in Brooklyn….They are opening a shop in DUMBO in May!


Halcyon 1.5 The Shop

Opening May 11at 57 Pearl St.

DUMBO, Bklyn at the corner of pearl and water streets

under the Manhattan Bridge 2 blocks from the F train at york st.

stocking vinyl, CDS, DVDS,dj gear, magazines, books,clothing and other select objects of desire

with new releases and merchandise arriving weekly! Yay!

Sexual Healing

Brooklyn Congressman Major Owens has written a play about Viagara. When I read about this “Viagara Monologues” on the cover of the Sunday New York Post, I was shocked! When I lived in his district a few years ago, I even went to a fundraiser for his campaign. Now I want my money back.

I have no intention of judging the 67 year old Congressman attempt at fame or artistic pursuits, but I really believe this type of theatrics is better left to people like Larry Flynt or Felix Dennis


Last night, I watched this show on MTV,and it really scared me. It was a disturbing documentary/reality on these twins from Arizona who wanted plastic surgery, so they could resemble Brad Pitt. Mike and Matt are only 21, and outside of some bad acne and nonexistent cheekbones, they looked average. However, I don’t think they could have pass a psych evaluation, because they seemed obsessed with Brad Pitt. One of them even remarked that Brad was “beautiful”. I think it was irresponsible for MTV to put this on the air! MTV’s target audience is full of young adults who are easily influenced by the celebrity culture. I wish the twins well in their pursuits, and I hope they realize that you can’t get plastic surgery for self-esteem and an original personality.MTV.com – Onair – I Want A Famous Face – Meet The Patients

Who Stole The Show?

As counter-programming to the whole Manhattan St Paddy’s Day festivities, I went out with my friends in Brooklyn. First we grabbed dinner at Henry St. Ale House in Brooklyn Heights. They have a turkey sandwich with apple and brie that is just divine. Then we caught a cab to Southpaw to see BoySkout and Brassy. The bands started late, so we had time to kill, and my friends suggested that we stop by Café Ma on Bergen St. The lounge is cozy and cool, and they make delicious and exotic cocktails, like a Bubble Tea with vodka. After one round of drinks, we head back to Southpaw to enjoy a great show. BoySkout is a girl band with a Joy Division sound and I highly recommend getting Brassy’s latest CD, “Getting Wise” . It’s funky!

Eat It!

Did you know that McDonald’s delivers up in Harlem? I found out when a delivery girl erroneously ringed my buzzer of my apartment Saturday morning! Obviously, she had the wrong address, and I directed her to peddle that Egg McMuffin elsewhere. By the way, how lazy do you have to be to have McDonald’s delivered to your home?! The closest one to my apartment is one block away, but you’d have to travel some distance to get a good grocer with fresh fruit and veggies. No wonder obesity is an epidemic here in the United States. France’s Marie Antoinette was rumored to say, “Let them eat cake”; and we Americans “Would you like fries with that shake?” Funny, huh?

I am anxiously waiting to see the Sundance award-winning documentary, SuperSize Me, which will open May 7, 2004.

With love, lube & gratitude,