Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help

Support Black Women in HOU

    “Houston, we have a problem.”  – It’s a quote that is overused, but it is relevant with Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston right now. […]

Poem About Being Single in 2017

I don’t get free drinks anymore because of smartphones. I used to be able to sidle up to a bar and flash my smile. Then I […]

Earl Grey Tea and Orange Sherbet Milk Shake

Earl Grey Tea

  When I lived in Brooklyn, I loved going to Van Leeuwen’s for their Earl Grey ice cream. I miss it. One day, I was […]

A Place Of My Own

I just renewed my domain, even though I don’t post as often as I should. Social media has taken over personal blogging. It’s fast […]

New Year; Who Dis?!

  I am doing #365selfie project on Instagram which means I am taking a photo of myself every day in 2017. I am also reading at […]

I Was Never Afraid To Support Hillary; I Just Wasn’t Enthusiastic About It

One of my Facebook “friends” unfriended back in the spring during the primaries because he was a die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter. I was just irked […]

First Video Of My Stand-up Comedy Set

I have been doing open mics around for the past seven or eight months now. I really like doing stand-up comedy and I am happy […]

Nichelle Newsletter and Random Thoughts


I am so OVER summer. It’s too hot. It’s record breaking hot. My natural hair will not look decent until after Labor Day. I appreciate […]

There’s No Universal Way To Be Black

  My favorite mantra is “black people are not a monolith”, so I am happy to see Issa Rae address that in her TCA panel […]

This Comedy Stuff Is Becoming A Thing

I went up at comedy open mics here in on Thursday and Friday. Thursday’s open mic was at the Sentient Bean. The crowd was mostly […]