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Self-Care: Family Dinner and Thrift Store Shopping

Bought a bag of silk #ties from the thrift store in Woodstock, Georgia last weekend. I got all of these for $1.25. Going to use
I practiced self-care by spending the weekend with my family in Decatur last weekend.  I went to the Park Ave Thrift Store in Woodstock with my mom and got lots of stuff for only $26. The cool thing is that I got a bag of silk ties that I using as headbands. I am hard pressed to pay retail after that shopping trip.

I advised my sister to not binge-watch ‘Orange is the New Black” but since I set up the Chromecast in her bedroom, she couldn’t help herself.
fried chicken

My Dad made fried chicken and I helped.  In addition, he made candied yams, fried okra, collard greens, cornbread, macaroni and cheese and quick-pickled tomatoes. It was the perfect comfort soul food Sunday family dinner.

Anyway, I just put up an episode of “It’s Nichelle With An N“.  Listen to it when you get a chance.

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Red Jacket Orchards: Fruit CSA To Keep The Doctor Away

Red Jacket Orchard Fruit CSA

A few days ago, I got an email asking me to pass on news of a fruit CSA that will be delivering to soon this summer/fall. As I am sitting here eating lunch at ‘wichcraft, I notice that Red Jacket Orchards’ juices are being sold here. What a crazy coincidence! Anyway, to stave off any colds during the fall and keep away scurvy, you may want to join Red Jacket Orchards CSA. Deadline for entry is August 5th. You can purchase a full share for $264 ($22 per week) or a half share for $156 ($13 per week). Pickup will be at either Jimmy’s No. 43 or Brooklyn Farmacy.

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Niche List: Kimchi, Boobs, Circus

absolut brooklyn
A new “Spike Lee Joint” is this red apple and ginger flavored vodka. I wonder what it would taste like in a martini, substituting olives for lychee.

Saturday, May 22. Mama O’s Kimchee will be at Greenpoint Food Market sharing a table with Laena from Anarchy In A Jar. It’s condiment heaven!

Saturday, May 22. HyperGender Burlesque has a show called “Diasporic Dreams” featuring the founders of Brown Girls Burlesque, Aurora Boobrealis and Dame Cuchafrita. $15 WOW Cafe Theater.

Ongoing until June 6. Cirque De Soleil OVO is now playing at Randall’s Island. I am proud to say that I know Michelle Matlock who stars in the show. She plays the Ladybug. Many moons ago, Michelle had a one-woman called The Mammy Project. Also, Michelle is in an article in the New York Times about the Dazzle Dancers who I saw at the Siren Festival ages ago. Good Times.


Chocri’s Designer Chocolate

chocri chocolate

Chocri, a Belgian organic chocolatier, has an online site where you can design your own chocolate bar. You can pick the kind of chocolate (white, milk or dark) and the toppings you want to go in your chocolate bar. I met Carmen from Chocri at SXSW and she sent me a coupon code to sample the chocolate bars and I got them delivered this week. Yesterday, I ate the one with banana and corn flakes. It was like a breakfast chocolate bar. Yums!


King Cake From Sucre

[Sponsored Post.] A few weeks ago, I got an email from Andy at FSC Interactive asking if I wanted a King Cake from Sucre, a bakery based in New Orleans. A King Cake is a Mardi Gras Cake that is a coffee cake. It is usually a ring of twisted bread similar to that used in brioche topped with icing or sugar usually colored purple, green, and gold.

king cake 005
The cake was delivered via UPS on Thursday in a special King Cake box.

king cake with mardi gras beads
The King Cake came Mardi Gras Beads, and they were the good ones not like the cheap one from 99cents store.

king cake
I brought the cake over to my friend Anita’s place. She is from New Orleans, so would be a perfect person to share the cake with. She heated up the cake for 10 minutes, and we ate with tea. The cake was delicious with a cream cheese filling. If you want to order a King Cake from Sucre, then you can order it online. The cake is $19 and the shipping is $9.95.

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Niche List: The Collander For Your Calendar

Years ago, I had an email newsletter, then a blog named “Nichelle Newsletter”. Both of those extinct vehicles were used to spread the word about cool stuff and promote events that I love.  It seems that a list is needed again, if only so that I can keep up with events I may be going to.  Hopefully I will run this weekly on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings since that is the best time for me and I will only post up to five things.  So here goes!

Friday October 16 Royal Flush party at Crash Mansion. Open Bar. 4 bands. (Sounds like a clusterf#@k, but I am a sucker for parties thrown by obscure magazines.) Topic? Animal? Anyone?!

Tuesday October 20 Emily Farris’ 5th Annual Casserole Crazy Party at Brooklyn Label. I will be judging the casserole contest along with Tom Mylan and Rachel Wharton.  6:30PM

Tuesday October 20 Erin and Her Cello performing at Googie’s (Upstairs at Living Room) at part of CMJ 11:30PM [Client]

Wednesday October 21 #140Conf Meetup at MSNBC Digital Cafe. I will be speaking. 5PM.

Friday October 23 New Work City First Anniversary Party. 200 Varick is my second home. 8PM

If you know me, then you may know Matt, so check out his Consortium List which usually comes out on Sunday nights.

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The Week In Links (World Record, Going Home)

August 021

It’s Sunday, and I can’t wait until the season premiere of “Mad Men”. I just ate homemade pound cake with butter pecan ice cream at my parent’s house. When I get back to NYC, I am going to work on losing weight and making lifestyle changes to get rid of my spare tire. But first, I am going to recap all the food I ate this week.

August 023

Saturday, I went to Birmingham for a big family fish fry. My dad and uncle fried fish (tilapia and whitening) as well as shrimp. It was delicious.

August 002

Friday, I had a little sweetup at Sweet Pockets in Atlanta, and I really enjoyed our small group. My mom and her friends came.

cupcake kebab closeups

Rachel, Nora and I set a world record building the longest cupcake kebab for URDB. BTW, I highly recommend watching Food Party, Thu Tran’s show on IFC. She’s hilarious.