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Niche List: Kimchi, Boobs, Circus

absolut brooklyn
A new “Spike Lee Joint” is this red apple and ginger flavored vodka. I wonder what it would taste like in a martini, substituting olives for lychee.

Saturday, May 22. Mama O’s Kimchee will be at Greenpoint Food Market sharing a table with Laena from Anarchy In A Jar. It’s condiment heaven!

Saturday, May 22. HyperGender Burlesque has a show called “Diasporic Dreams” featuring the founders of Brown Girls Burlesque, Aurora Boobrealis and Dame Cuchafrita. $15 WOW Cafe Theater.

Ongoing until June 6. Cirque De Soleil OVO is now playing at Randall’s Island. I am proud to say that I know Michelle Matlock who stars in the show. She plays the Ladybug. Many moons ago, Michelle had a one-woman called The Mammy Project. Also, Michelle is in an article in the New York Times about the Dazzle Dancers who I saw at the Siren Festival ages ago. Good Times.