Conversations At A Brooklyn Party

My first stop on Saturday evening was to an art gallery show on the Lower East Side featuring work by the mother of a friend. […]

Red Jacket Orchards: Fruit CSA To Keep The Doctor Away

A few days ago, I got an email asking me to pass on news of a fruit CSA that will be delivering to soon this […]

So I Sprained My Ankle…

Don’t ever wear a long dress, wedge heels and walk down a steep hill unless you are a supermodel, drag queen or someone who is […]

Atlantic Ave Art Walk

It was super humid on Saturday, but the Boy and I went to the Atlantic Ave Art Walk. We hung with my Anita, and we […]

Niche List: Kimchi, Boobs, Circus

A new “Spike Lee Joint” is this red apple and ginger flavored vodka. I wonder what it would taste like in a martini, substituting olives […]

Learn Stuff: Upcoming Classes, Panels, Workshops

Old photo that Ryan Brenizer took four years ago at a bridal shower. May 12: Learn more about the fashion industry Work it Brooklyn Fashion […]

Niche List. April 29

This picture is the delicious Meat Hook sloppy joe that Tom Mylan bought to Liza de Guia’s spring potluck on Monday. It was yummy! Bacon […]

Sunset Park Not Deer Valley

I took this picture at the top of Sunset Park. It’s a beautiful view of the skyline.

The Week In Links: Zines, UnFancy Food and RIP

What a crazy week was last week! First off, I want to send my condolences out to the families of Neda, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson […]

The Week In Links (Solar, Green and Burn)

Tuesday, I stopped by the “I Heart PV” solar awareness party at Sycamore Bar. I met some cool people from Solar One and made a […]