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Conversations At A Brooklyn Party

My first stop on Saturday evening was to an art gallery show on the Lower East Side featuring work by the mother of a friend. While there, I was talking to sisters from Canada and I told them about my trip last summer to Montreal. I don’t speak French, but while in Montreal I threw out a few French phrases when talking. Well, my few words of French was like a cock tease to the Quebecois as they mistook me for being fluent in their language. I quickly learned that it was best to speak English.

Later, I went with two friends to a house party in Williamsburg. It was kinda like a salon with a BYOB situation. The smell of marijuana wafted through the room. There was a French girl with a bob singing songs with an electric guitar. The singer was good. She wore electric blue leggings, a Doc Martens and big wool coat. In another room, there was a pair of red velvet sofas where a group of people were gathered. My friend Mike said hi to this girl. She wore a big hat and wide legged pants. At first, she did not respond. He thought she might be French or something. He greeted her again in French, but she didn’t respond. She just looked at us with her hand near her mouth. Finally, she starts talking to us. I asked what she did for a living. She told me that she doesn’t have a job. She wants to writes movies and her parents don’t give her money but she has friends who have that do. I joked that this party felt like a scene from ‘Girls’ and I would be photoshopped out of it. [Cause I’m Black]. The Girl asked us if we had a coke connection. If I had on pearls, I would have clutched them. It wasn’t because she ask about cocaine, but surprised because she came across a little rude. She’s twenty four. In my day, people butter you up before asking favors from strangers. BTW, I don’t have a connection to illegal substances. So the conversation trailed off, and my friends and I decided to leave. As we left, I overhear her hitting up a guy about whiskey.

Today I am watching “Tiny Furniture”, the film Lena Dunham wrote and directed. So much of it seems familiar to me. It is set in New York, cupcakes are “googled”, there’s a chef and Bushwick is mentioned. But many parts of it feels foreign like French. It is not the New York life that I live. Since this city has about 8 million stories, mine is just one of many.

Red Jacket Orchards: Fruit CSA To Keep The Doctor Away

Red Jacket Orchard Fruit CSA

A few days ago, I got an email asking me to pass on news of a fruit CSA that will be delivering to soon this summer/fall. As I am sitting here eating lunch at ‘wichcraft, I notice that Red Jacket Orchards’ juices are being sold here. What a crazy coincidence! Anyway, to stave off any colds during the fall and keep away scurvy, you may want to join Red Jacket Orchards CSA. Deadline for entry is August 5th. You can purchase a full share for $264 ($22 per week) or a half share for $156 ($13 per week). Pickup will be at either Jimmy’s No. 43 or Brooklyn Farmacy.

So I Sprained My Ankle…

sprain with pink pedicure

Don’t ever wear a long dress, wedge heels and walk down a steep hill unless you are a supermodel, drag queen or someone who is not as clumsy as me. What happens is that you fall, sprain your ankle, shatter the glass on your Zune HD and rip a hole in a brand new dress that you probably could not afford in the first place. That is what happened to me Thursday evening, and it has a big drain on my wallet and spirits. The good news is that the Duane Reade Walk-in Clinic is great. The doctor is nice and the fee for the visit ($135) for an uninsured person like myself is affordable.  I was afraid I would have to create a Kickstarter for my medical bills, so that was a relief. Today my ankle is less swollen, so that’s good. Also good is the interview of me in the Atlanta Post.

Niche List: Kimchi, Boobs, Circus

absolut brooklyn
A new “Spike Lee Joint” is this red apple and ginger flavored vodka. I wonder what it would taste like in a martini, substituting olives for lychee.

Saturday, May 22. Mama O’s Kimchee will be at Greenpoint Food Market sharing a table with Laena from Anarchy In A Jar. It’s condiment heaven!

Saturday, May 22. HyperGender Burlesque has a show called “Diasporic Dreams” featuring the founders of Brown Girls Burlesque, Aurora Boobrealis and Dame Cuchafrita. $15 WOW Cafe Theater.

Ongoing until June 6. Cirque De Soleil OVO is now playing at Randall’s Island. I am proud to say that I know Michelle Matlock who stars in the show. She plays the Ladybug. Many moons ago, Michelle had a one-woman called The Mammy Project. Also, Michelle is in an article in the New York Times about the Dazzle Dancers who I saw at the Siren Festival ages ago. Good Times.

Learn Stuff: Upcoming Classes, Panels, Workshops

The Brides To Be and Me
Old photo that Ryan Brenizer took four years ago at a bridal shower.

May 12: Learn more about the fashion industry Work it Brooklyn Fashion Panel at Kingdom.

June 10: TechMunchNYC, a food blogger workshop at the Roger Smith.*

June 21: Wedding Photography Class with Ryan Brenizer at Adorama.

July 15-18: Stained glass class with Joseph Cavalieri at Urban Glass.

*I am co-producing TechMunch NYC with Babette Pepaj of BakeSpace.

Niche List. April 29

meat hook sloppy joes 001
This picture is the delicious Meat Hook sloppy joe that Tom Mylan bought to Liza de Guia’s spring potluck on Monday. It was yummy!

Bacon Marmalade and More: The Brooklyn Lyceum is having a Spring Food and Craft Fair on May 1st and 2nd.

Bulls on Parade: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is having a food truck parade on Sunday May 2nd.

Faggity Haggity: The Miss Fag Hag contest is May 2nd at Comix. I will be there not competing, but wearing something fabulous.

The Original Foxy Brown: Pam Grier will be reading her new memoir Foxy, My Life in Three Acts on Tuesday at Barnes and Noble Tribeca on Tuesday, May 4. I am reading the book now and l love it.

The Week In Links: Zines, UnFancy Food and RIP

NYC Zine Fest

What a crazy week was last week! First off, I want to send my condolences out to the families of Neda, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays.

Sunday, I went to the Unfancy Food Show at East River Bar in Williamsburg. It was so much good food. I ate pickles, beef jerky, ice cream and a shepherd’s pie-like beef pattie. UPDATE: I was quoted in the New York Times.

Saturday, I stopped by the NYC Zine Fest at the Brooklyn Lyceum and was amazed at all the cool zines. It was nice chatting with Ayun Halliday who is the founder of the zine East Village Inky.

Thursday, I drank jargaritas at Obliterati.

Wednesday, I listened to David Carr read from his memoir, The Night of The Gun.

Tuesday, I attended the Microsoft Preview party. The HTC Snap is the phone I would love to get and the “Inner Circle” button is cool.

The Week In Links (Solar, Green and Burn)

PV Racer
Tuesday, I stopped by the “I Heart PV” solar awareness party at Sycamore Bar. I met some cool people from Solar One and made a solar-powered toy car. It was also my first time getting off the Cortelyou subway station.
Volunteered at the 99% Conference.
Listened to great stories at In The Flesh.
Won a ticket to the Go Green Expo and stopped by on Friday afternoon.
Met fellow entrepreneurs at Biznik’s Happy Hour.
I ate cake!
Watched “Burn After Reading” on Saturday. [I need more Netflix recommendations.]
Stopped by Ivy Bakery on Sunday and got a yummy cinnamon roll.