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Gutted: Prince Is Dead


Life ain’t nothing but a muffin. We gotta lotta of butter 2 go.

The butter is gone. Prince is dead.  I love Prince.  His first radio hit, “Soft and Wet” was one of the first 45s I ever got. My Dad had a record store in the late 1970s -early 1980s, so I had access to a lot of music.  My Dad even took me to see Prince in concert during his Purple Rain tour.  I was probably too young to go, but my Dad took me and three of my friends to the concert.  It was phenomenal.

When I was high school, I went out to Los Angeles to spend two weeks with my cousins.  We screamed the lyrics to “Housequake” while riding rollercoasters at Disneyland.

In college, my freshman roommate was the biggest Prince I ever knew.   Her side of the room was full of Prince posters. She even went to Minneapolis for spring break.   I once saw her in the subway station years later in Harlem.  She looked the same.

I saw Prince again during the LoveSexy tour. When he performed “Anna Stasia” on the piano, it was magnificent.  This was modern day classical music.

I did not lose my virginity to Prince, but my sexuality was awakened because of his music.  Prince’s music made me want to receive pleasure and to be adored.  I even ask to be kissed on the back of my knees by a boyfriend because of a Prince lyric.  It didn’t do much for me, but I was bold enough to ask.

When I lived in Brooklyn,  my ex-boyfriend and I went to a Purple Rain sing-a-long in Prospect Park in 2009.

I also went to one of  Questlove’s Bowl Train night.  It was one in June 2012, where I danced the night away to deep cut Prince songs.

Although peak Prince’s popularity has ebbed and flowed over the last fifteen years, he never went away.  He didn’t ghost his fans. There was always new music, concert tours and appearances at awards shows. It is so hard to imagine living in a world where Prince is not here.  Prince taught me about myself.  I still need to know more about myself, but Prince is not around to teach me.  How do I learn now?  Part of me wants to withdraw.  Part of me needs to publicly grieve with the rest of the world. One thing I do know is that  I need to be fearless in creating.



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Conversations At A Brooklyn Party

My first stop on Saturday evening was to an art gallery show on the Lower East Side featuring work by the mother of a friend. While there, I was talking to sisters from Canada and I told them about my trip last summer to Montreal. I don’t speak French, but while in Montreal I threw out a few French phrases when talking. Well, my few words of French was like a cock tease to the Quebecois as they mistook me for being fluent in their language. I quickly learned that it was best to speak English.

Later, I went with two friends to a house party in Williamsburg. It was kinda like a salon with a BYOB situation. The smell of marijuana wafted through the room. There was a French girl with a bob singing songs with an electric guitar. The singer was good. She wore electric blue leggings, a Doc Martens and big wool coat. In another room, there was a pair of red velvet sofas where a group of people were gathered. My friend Mike said hi to this girl. She wore a big hat and wide legged pants. At first, she did not respond. He thought she might be French or something. He greeted her again in French, but she didn’t respond. She just looked at us with her hand near her mouth. Finally, she starts talking to us. I asked what she did for a living. She told me that she doesn’t have a job. She wants to writes movies and her parents don’t give her money but she has friends who have that do. I joked that this party felt like a scene from ‘Girls’ and I would be photoshopped out of it. [Cause I’m Black]. The Girl asked us if we had a coke connection. If I had on pearls, I would have clutched them. It wasn’t because she ask about cocaine, but surprised because she came across a little rude. She’s twenty four. In my day, people butter you up before asking favors from strangers. BTW, I don’t have a connection to illegal substances. So the conversation trailed off, and my friends and I decided to leave. As we left, I overhear her hitting up a guy about whiskey.

Today I am watching “Tiny Furniture”, the film Lena Dunham wrote and directed. So much of it seems familiar to me. It is set in New York, cupcakes are “googled”, there’s a chef and Bushwick is mentioned. But many parts of it feels foreign like French. It is not the New York life that I live. Since this city has about 8 million stories, mine is just one of many.

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Learn Stuff: Upcoming Classes, Panels, Workshops

The Brides To Be and Me
Old photo that Ryan Brenizer took four years ago at a bridal shower.

May 12: Learn more about the fashion industry Work it Brooklyn Fashion Panel at Kingdom.

June 10: TechMunchNYC, a food blogger workshop at the Roger Smith.*

June 21: Wedding Photography Class with Ryan Brenizer at Adorama.

July 15-18: Stained glass class with Joseph Cavalieri at Urban Glass.

*I am co-producing TechMunch NYC with Babette Pepaj of BakeSpace.

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Dinner at Provini in Park Slope

Saturday, the Boy and I had dinner at a new Italian restaurant in Park Slope, Provini (1302 Eighth Ave). It is the third restaurant from the owners of Bar Toto and Bar Tano. I have eaten at both Bar Toto and Bar Tano, so I am happy to say that it is as good as the other two places.

Lamb Ragu Papadella

I had the papadelle with lamb ragu and asparagus. It was so good.

provini 002

For dessert, I had a Bombolone which is an Italian doughnut filled with cream.

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Niche List: The Collander For Your Calendar Oct 22

Casserol Crazy 5
Picture of one of the casseroles from Tuesday.

It is the high tide of the fall social season so take your vitamins and buckle up. Since you may need to rest up for next weekend’s Halloween parties, here’s three things I recommend for this week.

Thursday, October 22 There’s a global hip hop CMJ showcase at 92YTribeca 7PM.

Saturday, October 24 Vernon Reid will premiere a multimedia piece commissioned by WNYC called “Artificial Afrika” at the Winter Garden. FREE 8PM

Wednesday, October 28 is The Rejection Show. Hosted by Jon Friedman, the show features Wyatt Cenac who starred in the excellent movie, Medicine for Melancholy. 9:30PM $5

Last week’s Niche List

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Niche List: The Collander For Your Calendar

Years ago, I had an email newsletter, then a blog named “Nichelle Newsletter”. Both of those extinct vehicles were used to spread the word about cool stuff and promote events that I love.  It seems that a list is needed again, if only so that I can keep up with events I may be going to.  Hopefully I will run this weekly on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings since that is the best time for me and I will only post up to five things.  So here goes!

Friday October 16 Royal Flush party at Crash Mansion. Open Bar. 4 bands. (Sounds like a clusterf#@k, but I am a sucker for parties thrown by obscure magazines.) Topic? Animal? Anyone?!

Tuesday October 20 Emily Farris’ 5th Annual Casserole Crazy Party at Brooklyn Label. I will be judging the casserole contest along with Tom Mylan and Rachel Wharton.  6:30PM

Tuesday October 20 Erin and Her Cello performing at Googie’s (Upstairs at Living Room) at part of CMJ 11:30PM [Client]

Wednesday October 21 #140Conf Meetup at MSNBC Digital Cafe. I will be speaking. 5PM.

Friday October 23 New Work City First Anniversary Party. 200 Varick is my second home. 8PM

If you know me, then you may know Matt, so check out his Consortium List which usually comes out on Sunday nights.