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Learn Stuff: Upcoming Classes, Panels, Workshops

The Brides To Be and Me
Old photo that Ryan Brenizer took four years ago at a bridal shower.

May 12: Learn more about the fashion industry Work it Brooklyn Fashion Panel at Kingdom.

June 10: TechMunchNYC, a food blogger workshop at the Roger Smith.*

June 21: Wedding Photography Class with Ryan Brenizer at Adorama.

July 15-18: Stained glass class with Joseph Cavalieri at Urban Glass.

*I am co-producing TechMunch NYC with Babette Pepaj of BakeSpace.

The Week In Links (Melancholy and the Infinite Cupcakes)

I Want This Trophy

Tuesday was the July NYTM. Loved Zagat’s App. Afterwards, there was beef brisket to eat at Hill Country.

Wednesday, the Boy and I went to see Medicine for Melancholy. The film is excellent. Later, we went to Habana Outpost.

Thursday was the “meat and greet” for the upcoming Hot Dog Cookoff.

Saturday, Cupcakes Take The Cake had a meetup in Hoboken.

I got my necklace from Wendy Mink in the mail and I love it.

Sunday, I went to Bastille Day on Smith Street, danced at the Afro Punk Block Party in Fort Greene and had dinner at Toby’s Public. Best Brooklyn Day Ever!

Back From South By: Moments In Love, Hate and WTF

This post is a recap of things that I loved, hated, and WTFed?! about SXSW.

First, I hated that I missed the Food Blogging Panel because I wanted to see my blog buddies Rachel, Cathy, Zach, Addie and Kalyn rock SXSW. I booked my flight before knowing what time the panel was scheduled, so I was at the airport while the panel was going on.

I loved that Saul from Freshbooks set up a lunch so I could meet the founders of Outright, Shoeboxed and Batch Blue.

I loved that I ate cupcakes in the morning with Rachel in the lobby of the Hilton.

I loved laughing with Rachel, Twanna and Zach.  [We could have our own reality show]

I loved that I got a HARO sticker from Peter Shankman. I WTFed that a girl from Phoenix came up to me just because I wearing the sticker at The Onion party.

I WTFed that the VIP section of the Onion party only had Miller Lite for Free.  I loved that a guy asked, “Didn’t I meet you at Likemind in Brooklyn?”

I hated that I got called a racial slur on the street by a homeless man.  It dampened my mood for partying, but I loved that I didn’t wake up with a hangover on my last day.

I loved that I got a free ice cream sandwich from the Ice Cream Man.

I loved that I met Austin food bloggers like the TipsyTexan and Addie Broyles.  I loved the goodie bag from Whole Foods food bloggers event.  I hated that I couldn’t bring the lovely lotion from the goodie bag on the plane.

I loved doing a panel about Finance 2.0, and people coming up to me afterward to ask me questions.

I loved meeting Anya Kamenetz.

I hated that I missed  some panels that my friends were on.

I loved that I ran into friends that I didn’t know were going to be at SXSW.

I hated the word “privilege” being thrown around at panel discussions.

I loved using Tweetdeck and Twickie while twittering the panel discussions.

I loved that I rocked three parties Sunday night.

I loved eating cupcakes at the Cupcake Social.

I loved meeting Babette from BakeSpace after knowing each other for years online.

I WTFed the Austin Convention Center. That place is a weird maze.

I loved that I met the guys from Lost Zombies.

I WTFed that a drunk cougar tried to pick a fight with me at the hotel bar.

I WTFed that bars put on the ugly lights at 8PM when the sponsored open bar ends.

I hated the ATM Fees which were $3 and up.

I loved that iPhone and Mac users were fascinated by my Peek and HP Mini.

I hated that it was hard to get something to eat at lunchtime.

I loved that I didn’t have a breakfast taco.

I loved that I want to come back next year.  I am already thinking of SXSW panels to pitch in June.

The Week In Links

Every week, I have some things outstanding on my to-do list,  and I have to balance to that with client work, blogging, meetings and events.  Time flies by so fast that a recap is needed just so I remember what happened. Howwever, I am lazy, so it’s best to just give links to the people, places and things related to the week ending October 31.

Mixing Bowl

Right Rides

Michael Malice

Matt Hughes


Real Women Respond To Palin

Alchemy Social Club

My new favorite words/terms/quotes : followcost, cloudworker, and “Flat is the new up”.

New Year, New Parties

Don’t get too comfortable because there are celebrations and parties coming up!

Martin Luther King Holiday is on the 17th. Remember the Dream.

For the sports fans…Superbowl Sunday is February 6. Lions, nachos, Bears, oh my!

Valentine’s Day is February 14. (What about having a singles pub crawl or game night if it’s too chilly outside?)

Chinese New Year. 2005 is the Year of the Rooster. Cock-a-doodle do!

Countdown to New Year’s Eve

Another weekend, another round of holiday parties…

Things of note from hosts and guests:

* Bring funky desserts like dessert burgers made with cookies and candy sushi made with rice krispies treats.

* Show your culture by making Puerto Rican eggnog.

* Bring along friends in town from other cities (show ’em how New Yorkers party)

* Take loads of group pictures in the host’s bed (fully clothed, of course)

* Make a mystery tropical punch (Smirnoff Vodka, cranberry juice, Sprite and tons of fresh fruit) The mystery is you wonder how you got so smashed.

* Enjoy yourself as this is the most wonderful time of the year!

* Get plenty of rest so you’re ready for the New Year’s Eve bash next week.

When Event Attendance Is Low

Did you ever throw a party, but the crowd never comes??? Don’t despair! The small group who shows up still craves a good time. As the host, you should appreciate the opportunity to have a spontaneous intimate gathering instead of a huge party. Conversations get deeper and introductions are easier with a small group. Be the gracious host and thank everyone for coming, especially during this time of the year where people are often double-booked.