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Social Media Is Not A Bringer Show!

bringer show
Lately, more people are doing social media and part of that is a numbers game. Like an amateur comedian just starting out, you have to have a certain amount of people coming to the show to perform. In the comedy world, this is known as a bringer show. If you have a friend who is just starting out doing comedy, then you know about the dreaded bringer show where comedians can only perform if they get enough people to come to the show. Similarly, some people have social media gigs which require a certain amount of engagement on a weekly or daily basis. To reach these numbers, some social media coordinators will reach out to the friends repeatedly for “Likes”, “Retweets”, “Followers”. I don’t mind when someone sends me something and politely asks if I would consider spreading the word to my community. However, I really dislike when people send me a “sample tweet” in the hopes that I will simply copy, paste and tweet out to the world.

First of all, I recommend  social media professionals to stop over-promising to clients. Building social media presence is a long term process. If a client wants  1000 new followers a month, then don’t take the job. They can just buy twitter followers if they need the numbers so badly. Secondly, the strain that you may be putting on your friendships is not worth it. It is better to find which subset of friends who may be interested and message them. Stop sending blanket updates to everyone and please don’t beg for RTs. If you treat social media outreach like a bringer show, no one will come and the joke will be on you.

140Conference Day 1

For some strange reason, I thought that the 140Conf was at 92YTribeca, not the 92nd Street Y. So I had schlep from the “Lower West Side”  near the Holland Tunnel to the Upper East Side.

I got inside around 10AM to hear the end of Dan Harple’s presentation. He was talking about creating places and experiences. Gypsii.

Chris Lehmann excellent presentation about School 2.0. He is the principal of the Science Leadership Academy. Classes cannot be silos but lens to view the world.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, CMO at Kodak, and now famous for his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Regarding ROI for using twitter, Hazlett says “forget return on investment. it’s return on ignoring.”

Ivanka Trump was  interviewed by Jeffrey Hazlett. “To develop your brand means you have to be extremely consistent.”

Chris Weingarten. His presentation/rant was great. “Firsties! The race to be first is the most insidious fucking Ebola virus to hit the internet. When clicks are your lifeblood, good writing dies. Don’t let math dictate your music choices. Don’t believe the Hype Machine.”

Andrea Syrtash used relationship advice to apply to Twitter relationships.1. Worry less about impressing others. Let others impressed you. 2. You can’t have intimacy without vulnerability. 3. People want to be challenged-not changed.”

Joan Walsh from Salon lead a panel on Twitter rules when talking about race. Follow a diverse group. Don’t use lazy words.

ElonJames.Don’t be a douchebag. If you write something, and makes someone uncomfortable, then tweet it.

Prof Blair Kelley.Tweet as you who are. Make sure you have the time. Always use evidence. Don’t use the word “racist” or “racism”.

Liza Sabater. Harness your inner asshole. Vocabulary matters. Use emoticons when being snarky.

You may have heard the expression, there is no free lunch.  I never thought it would apply to a conference. I stopped taking notes after getting lunch at Effy’s Cafe and tweeted a little during the rest of the afternoon.

Haiti Has A Face


Found this photo on iStockPhoto and it is personifies what I want to say here, “Haiti has a face”. I have never been to Haiti. I know several Haitian Americans, and can only hope that their families are OK. If you are on Twitter, you should follow Wyclef who even before this earthquake has been leading humanitarian efforts in Haiti for years. I saw him at the 140Conference last year and he was great.

Here are some useful information that lists ways you can help from NPR.

Niche List: The Collander For Your Calendar

Years ago, I had an email newsletter, then a blog named “Nichelle Newsletter”. Both of those extinct vehicles were used to spread the word about cool stuff and promote events that I love.  It seems that a list is needed again, if only so that I can keep up with events I may be going to.  Hopefully I will run this weekly on Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings since that is the best time for me and I will only post up to five things.  So here goes!

Friday October 16 Royal Flush party at Crash Mansion. Open Bar. 4 bands. (Sounds like a clusterf#@k, but I am a sucker for parties thrown by obscure magazines.) Topic? Animal? Anyone?!

Tuesday October 20 Emily Farris’ 5th Annual Casserole Crazy Party at Brooklyn Label. I will be judging the casserole contest along with Tom Mylan and Rachel Wharton.  6:30PM

Tuesday October 20 Erin and Her Cello performing at Googie’s (Upstairs at Living Room) at part of CMJ 11:30PM [Client]

Wednesday October 21 #140Conf Meetup at MSNBC Digital Cafe. I will be speaking. 5PM.

Friday October 23 New Work City First Anniversary Party. 200 Varick is my second home. 8PM

If you know me, then you may know Matt, so check out his Consortium List which usually comes out on Sunday nights.

Tweets From The Women and Feminism Panel

Heather Gold led an interesting yet somewhat meandering panel about feminism, privacy and social networking.

robertgorell: [If you say so, ladies… ] RT @niche: Men use SN to collect as many friends as possible. Women create deeper relationships w/ SN. #femsxsw

about an hour ago

Dramagirl: @Kabren Thanks for tweeting this seminar. Enjoying your encapsulation of the themes and content. #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Deltavogue: @niche Interesting… #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: Call for diversity on the web. Who will you be open to hear?#femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

niche: noblesse oblige , yawn! #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: The web: White space. Privileged space. Nobody thinks that the Web is not white. Diversity is one of the most critical factors #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: Counter-publics: alternate public. Layers. Counter to the normative. Notions of universal publics. #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: Being public out of the hope for being out there. Backlash from people who have something to protect. #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: Dealing with conflict: make it private. Obama: More people want to sign onto something more public. #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: At what point does culture become so transparent, where it doesn’t matter? #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: Anonymity: We need anonymous spaces online. Safer? #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: Support for what you do – the moment where you can come home to something safe, where you don’t have to translate. #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: “The process of being public is the most secure thing.” #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: The act of being yourself makes it safe. #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago

Kabren: The Web: Be personal – but that doesn’t work until it is protected. We cannot all be ourselves online. #femsxsw

about 2 hours ago