No One Wears Khaki Pants

I was asked if I were a hipster. That made me laugh. Maybe I am. Maybe I just know people who are or know people […]

Social Media Is Not A Bringer Show!

Lately, more people are doing social media and part of that is a numbers game. Like an amateur comedian just starting out, you have to […]

What Twitter Lists Are You On And What Does It Say About You

Are you using Twitter lists? If not, then you should. Twitter lists, when curated well, are a great way to cut through the noise on […]

Multicultural Social Communications Leadership Forum

Today I attended BDI’s Multicultural Social Communications Leadership Forum at NYU’s Midtown Campus. At first I was frustrated by the lack of wifi in the […]

The Week In Links (Social Media, Sharon Jones, Shorty Awards)

Last week was Social Media Week and the parties were flowing. I went to the Shorty Awards, met MC Hammer and drank too many fail […]

Favorite Facebook Status Updates in of December 2007

Back when I first started using Facebook, I treated it like Twitter. ¬†I would post short and sometimes witty sentences. ¬†Presented without commentary, here are […]