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Twitter Thread on Black Women Comedians

About two weeks ago, I created a Twitter thread about Black women comedians. I will continue to add the Twitter handles of comedians to keep the thread fresh.  In the meantime, I am posting the text of the thread here.  Hopefully, someone will use this list as a resource when looking for black women comedians.  I did the homework for you, so all you have to do is check out the clips online and hire them.

Amber Ruffin, Dulce Sloan, Robin Thede and Yamaneika Saunders. Do you know who they are?!  You should.

Black women comedians finally got a chance to get voices heard on late night tv.
Amber Ruffin does regular recurring segments on @LateNightSeth. She talks about race, gender and pop culture.
Dulce Sloan is a new correspondent to @TheDailyShow. She has been stand up comedy for years.
Yamaneika Saunders (@Yameneika) is a stand-up comedian. I am not sure if she has been on @FallonTonight before this week.
Robin Thede is the host of her show on BET. She was formerly the head writer of the Nightly Show.
So when the hashtag #blackwomen started trending on Wednesday morning, some of the late night shows scrambled to have black women represented. It is a damn shame that it took a special election in Alabama for black women comedians to get some attention.
I am going to all the comedians that I know in the thread who should get some shine. Follow them.
I will continue to add the Twitter handles of black women comedians into the new year and beyond. #comedians

Social Media Is Not A Bringer Show!

bringer show
Lately, more people are doing social media and part of that is a numbers game. Like an amateur comedian just starting out, you have to have a certain amount of people coming to the show to perform. In the comedy world, this is known as a bringer show. If you have a friend who is just starting out doing comedy, then you know about the dreaded bringer show where comedians can only perform if they get enough people to come to the show. Similarly, some people have social media gigs which require a certain amount of engagement on a weekly or daily basis. To reach these numbers, some social media coordinators will reach out to the friends repeatedly for “Likes”, “Retweets”, “Followers”. I don’t mind when someone sends me something and politely asks if I would consider spreading the word to my community. However, I really dislike when people send me a “sample tweet” in the hopes that I will simply copy, paste and tweet out to the world.

First of all, I recommend  social media professionals to stop over-promising to clients. Building social media presence is a long term process. If a client wants  1000 new followers a month, then don’t take the job. They can just buy twitter followers if they need the numbers so badly. Secondly, the strain that you may be putting on your friendships is not worth it. It is better to find which subset of friends who may be interested and message them. Stop sending blanket updates to everyone and please don’t beg for RTs. If you treat social media outreach like a bringer show, no one will come and the joke will be on you.

What Twitter Lists Are You On And What Does It Say About You

Are you using Twitter lists? If not, then you should. Twitter lists, when curated well, are a great way to cut through the noise on Twitter. I have three twitter lists that I created and they have been lifesaving, time-saving filter to find out what people are talking about on Twitter.

Foodiphiles – food bloggers on Twitter. Esential for food news.

Cupcake Bakeries– used mostly for Cupcakes Take The Cake. It is great way to see what bakeries are doing from all over the world.

Cool Black People– I actually created this list because I would get asked about other African American bloggers and twitterers, so the list made it easy to refer people to.

I am putting people into broad categories for my twitter lists, and people do the same to me. Recently, I took a look at the Twitter lists that people have put me in, and I realized that these lists give me an idea of what people think of me…at list on Twitter. I think that it shows how effective I am at reflecting my personal brand. Here are some of the lists I am on:

  • Black Entrepreneurs
  • Cupcakes
  • Food Bloggers
  • Food And Drink
  • Girl Power
  • Interesting People
  • Media/Journalism
  • NYC
  • Social Media Pros
  • Startupnation
  • SXSW
  • Zeitgeist

So I think I am putting out content on Twitter that lets people be able to assign me to the Twitter lists that make sense. Even if their Twitter lists were completely random, that’s fine. The point is that I tweet daily about lots of things, and I think that people are reading those tweets and seeing a connection between me and the content.

The #HowBlackPeopleUseTwitter Discussion Continues

After watching several of these hashtags from start to finish and talking to a few researchers who’ve studied trends on Twitter, I’ve got some potential answers to these questions. Black people—specifically, young black people—do seem to use Twitter differently from everyone else on the service. They form tighter clusters on the network—they follow one another more readily, they retweet each other more often, and more of their posts are @-replies—posts directed at other users. It’s this behavior, intentional or not, that gives black people—and in particular, black teenagers—the means to dominate the conversation on Twitter.-

Slate’s article on the subject.  The hubbub surrounding #howblackpeopleusetwitter goes from–to use a term from the Bush era—shock and awe.  It appears that “Calvin” and his friends are using Twitter.   I just wish Chappelle Show was around to make fun of the whole thing.

In Blogs (Tweets) We Trust

Nearly four years ago, I was a guest blogger for We Media. I was given a topic to discuss, and the post was about trust. I reread this yesterday and realized if I substitute “twitter”  or “social media” for “blog”, my commentary would still be the same.

This week’s theme of trust is significant because I think trust is what drives people to read blogs. They trust the author.

What is trust?
Trust is acceptance. You accept what the blogger has posted. I read blogs that I trust.

Why do you trust someone (or some thing)?
I think trust comes from experience. Whether it is trust in a brand, a blog or a president. We trust because a set of experiences have been positive. The more frequency of positive experiences, the stronger the trust.

How does trust spread?
Trust is spread by testimony. Testimony is stronger than “word of mouth.” When people say “he/she/it is cool,” they are giving testimony that they trust the entity.

And does it matter?
Trust matters. Integrity matters. The contract of trust and its reciprocal partner integrity is important. Without one or the other, there is no consideration. There is no need to read the blog.

I Am @The 140 Conf Today

Today is day one of the 140 Conference. Since twitter is having an outage for an hour right now, I figure I would blog since I can’t tweet. Today I hung with a lot of cool people I know and I met a few new ones. Talking to Pat Kiernan was cool, as well as meeting Kwanza Hall, the City Councilman from Atlanta’s district 2. I’m glad I seeing some diversity. There are women. There are a few African Americans. There are people from other cities and other countries all around the world. However, I just read Kelly’s Mediapost column, and there are people who should be here. People like her dad. People who work in industries that are dying. People who are passionate about things but don’t have an online community to share their passions. People who are looking for jobs in the new media who don’t use social media. People who need to know how to brand or re-brand themselves. I love these conferences. I just hope that these conferences don’t become a circle jerk or echo chamber.

Cupcakes, Internet Week and Twitter

Cupcake Eating at Billy's Bakery

It’s Wednesday, and I am knee deep in Internet Week with all the conferences, panels and parties.

Today, I am quoted and Cupcakes Take The Cake is linked in a fun article in the LA Times about cupcakes.

BTW, I will one of the 140 characters at the 140 Character Conference on June 16/17. Everyone who is attending on twitter, uses twitter, loves twitter. It will be tweet.

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Short Skirt, Long Jacket

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Am I too old to wear a skirt this short?, originally uploaded by nichellest.

I love bacon more than you drink: A recipe for Bacon Vodka

I tweet; you tweet and then we tweet privately: Group Tweet is a tool for private group twittering.

Thanks to Fred Wilson, I know what music I will be buying this spring. Little Jackie is Imani Coppola’s new music project.

Gawker linked the Martha Stewart segment where my fellow cupcake bloggers and I eat coconut cupcakes.