Twitter Thread on Black Women Comedians

About two weeks ago, I created a Twitter thread about Black women comedians. I will continue to add the Twitter handles of comedians to keep the thread fresh.  In the meantime, I am posting the text of the thread here.  Hopefully, someone will use this list as a resource when looking for black women comedians.  I did the homework for you, so all you have to do is check out the clips online and hire them.

Amber Ruffin, Dulce Sloan, Robin Thede and Yamaneika Saunders. Do you know who they are?!  You should.

Black women comedians finally got a chance to get voices heard on late night tv.
Amber Ruffin does regular recurring segments on @LateNightSeth. She talks about race, gender and pop culture.
Dulce Sloan is a new correspondent to @TheDailyShow. She has been stand up comedy for years.
Yamaneika Saunders (@Yameneika) is a stand-up comedian. I am not sure if she has been on @FallonTonight before this week.
Robin Thede is the host of her show on BET. She was formerly the head writer of the Nightly Show.
So when the hashtag #blackwomen started trending on Wednesday morning, some of the late night shows scrambled to have black women represented. It is a damn shame that it took a special election in Alabama for black women comedians to get some attention.
I am going to all the comedians that I know in the thread who should get some shine. Follow them.
I will continue to add the Twitter handles of black women comedians into the new year and beyond. #comedians

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