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Earl Grey Tea and Orange Sherbet Milk Shake


When I lived in Brooklyn, I loved going to Van Leeuwen’s for their Earl Grey ice cream. I miss it. One day, I was bored and creative and made a delicious milkshake that kinda resembles the flavor of that ice cream. BTW, Earl Grey tea has bergamot which is a citrus fruit like an orange, so I thought the orange sherbet would go well and it did.  I initially published this on Cucumbertown, but since they are shutting down, I am reposting here.


  • 1 Earl Grey Tea bag of Twinings
  • 8 oz of  Almond milk
  • 2 scoops of Orange sherbet
  • 1 Frozen banana
  • 1/2 tablespoon of orange zest


Use a small saucepan to brew tea in almond milk for 5 minutes.Chill tea in the fridge before adding to the blender Place frozen banana, orange zest, sherbet in

Chill tea in the fridge before adding to the blender. Place frozen banana, orange zest, sherbet in

Place frozen banana, orange zest, sherbet in a blender. Add tea and blend using the smoothie button. For stronger tea flavor, brew for longer.

PS. Here’s a recipe for making your own Earl Grey Ice Tea ice cream.

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Edible Institute at the New School

Yesterday, I attended Edible Manhattan’s Edible Institute at the New School. It was a very informative afternoon of panel discussions about food and drink here in New York City. This week is Eat Drink Local Week and this event was a part of the celebration.

Did you know that there’s a Food Studies Program at the New School? The program is a part of the Continuing Education college. BTW, there is a class on how to write a food business plan at the New School on October 23rd. The class is $170.

Here are some of the choice quotes by panelists:

“Make cooking into a more of a social activity” –Cathy Erway
“Know your food in a intimate way.”-Cathy Erway

“Brooklyn Kitchen is a kind of a clubhouse for the DIY food movement”-Tom Mylan

“To me it is taste.” -Ariane Daguin explaining the rise of the Brooklyn DIY food movement.

“When you’re frustrated, you make the political personal.”-Tom Mylan

“Food is a medium for creativity.”-Cathy Erway

“I don’t sell anything cheap. I sell things that are reasonable.”-Lou DiPalo

“There is most delicious per square inch in New York than ever before”.-Ed Levine

“We are more obsessed with food than before” Robert Siestama

“Artisan does not always mean that it is delicious”-Ed Levine

“Being in wine business means being in a distribution business.-Trent Preszler

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Trip to the ATL and the BHAM

Mom and Dad at Birthday Luncheon

Last weekend, I flew down to Atlanta to celebrate both my mom’s birthday and my sister’s birthday. We went to Birmingham on Saturday and had a big family fish fry. Fried tilapia, catfish, shrimp, hush puppies, french fries, baked beans, cole slaw and homemade lemonade. Yum!  I forgot to take any pictures because I was too busy eating and talking to my cousins.  Next day, we had a luncheon for my mom and uncle who are twins to celebrate their 60th birthday. Above is a picture of my parents. It was a great weekend.

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French Toast, Unfancy And Fancy Food and Video

strawberry french toast with a wee bit of bacon marmalade

I love french toast, waffles and pancakes, but I also crave a salty side like bacon or ham to compliment the sweet. Instead of frying up some bacon, I dabbed a little bacon marmalade on my french toast and it was delicious! Problem solved.

BTW, I will be attending UnFancy Food on Sunday at the Bell House and Fancy Food Show on Monday at Javits. Monday, I will also be hosting “Video Builds The Cooking Star” at Shooting Kitchen. This event is a video clinic for anyone-not just food bloggers- who always wanted to have a professional video of them doing a cooking demo. The event is sponsored by the Sears Chef Challenge.

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Eating My Way Though The Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Food

Spent Memorial Day weekend mostly in Northern Virginia with an afternoon in our nation’s capital. My boyfriend’s mom and aunt went on a shopping spree at a farmer’s market in Occoquan, Virginia. Swiss chard, green beans, strawberries, carrots, radishes, lettuce and potatoes was just some of the stuff they got.  They also bought blackberry pie and lemon cheese pie from Mom’s Apple Pie. Both pies were delicious.

Sunday, we went to the Woodrow Wilson House which is the only presidential museum in DC. The house is pretty big and filled with historical artifacts. Then we had pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso. Monday, I ate breakfast at Vienna Inn which is famous for its chili dogs. I didn’t have chili dogs because it was 9:30AM.

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Niche List. April 29

meat hook sloppy joes 001
This picture is the delicious Meat Hook sloppy joe that Tom Mylan bought to Liza de Guia’s spring potluck on Monday. It was yummy!

Bacon Marmalade and More: The Brooklyn Lyceum is having a Spring Food and Craft Fair on May 1st and 2nd.

Bulls on Parade: Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market is having a food truck parade on Sunday May 2nd.

Faggity Haggity: The Miss Fag Hag contest is May 2nd at Comix. I will be there not competing, but wearing something fabulous.

The Original Foxy Brown: Pam Grier will be reading her new memoir Foxy, My Life in Three Acts on Tuesday at Barnes and Noble Tribeca on Tuesday, May 4. I am reading the book now and l love it.

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Les Salonnaires

les salonnaires 005

Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful salon in a tenement building in the Lower East Side. It was hosted by Les Salonnaires. Dinner was provided by Kara Masi of Ted and Amy Supper Club. There was a ramp soup, an asparagus salad, and pasta cabonara and a delicious lemon semifreddo for dessert.

les salonnaires 007

There was amazing delicious bread made by Amatullah Jabriel, of Sweet Spice and Honey.

After dinner, there was a performance by Harpist Pamela Martinez who is also the lead singer of Teletextile. There was a trio of “naked cherubs” in the background while she played.

les salonnaires