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Nichelle Newsletter and Random Thoughts

I am so OVER summer. It’s too hot. It’s record breaking hot. My natural hair will not look decent until after Labor Day.

I appreciate laughter.  I love comedy.  If I can make someone laugh,  I have achieved something.

Gawker.com is dead. I thought I would feel some kind of schadenfreude about the end of that website, but I don’t. It’s the end of a blog era. Now I hope someone writes a really good tell-all book and it becomes a Ryan Murphy tv show called, American Blog. Sean Bean can play Nick Denton.

I am back to creating my Nichelle Newsletter, and I promise weekly updates. Subscribe on Tinyletter.  So far, I am done two weeks in a row.

I created a Tumblr for my Savannah photos. My goal is for my Savannah content makes the first page of a Google search for Savannah.

I also did a podcast this week. Check it out on Soundcloud.


Self-Care: Family Dinner and Thrift Store Shopping

Bought a bag of silk #ties from the thrift store in Woodstock, Georgia last weekend. I got all of these for $1.25. Going to use
I practiced self-care by spending the weekend with my family in Decatur last weekend.  I went to the Park Ave Thrift Store in Woodstock with my mom and got lots of stuff for only $26. The cool thing is that I got a bag of silk ties that I using as headbands. I am hard pressed to pay retail after that shopping trip.

I advised my sister to not binge-watch ‘Orange is the New Black” but since I set up the Chromecast in her bedroom, she couldn’t help herself.
fried chicken

My Dad made fried chicken and I helped.  In addition, he made candied yams, fried okra, collard greens, cornbread, macaroni and cheese and quick-pickled tomatoes. It was the perfect comfort soul food Sunday family dinner.

Anyway, I just put up an episode of “It’s Nichelle With An N“.  Listen to it when you get a chance.

New Podcast: It’s Nichelle With An N

I have dabbled in podcasting off and on for years. I used to use a digital recorder, upload a file and then use some podcasting software to compress to upload to my blog. I have used Odeo’s AudioBlogger, Audioboo, and now I am using Soundcloud. In addition, I have been a guest on a few podcasts, and co-hosted amTWib for three months back in 2013.

So I have done three podcasts so far and you can listen to them.

Hot Grease With Nicole Taylor

peppers at Roberta's garden

Today I had the pleasure of being on Nicole Taylor’s show on Heritage Radio Network, “Hot Grease“. We talked and laughed about the latest news in food and hot food topics. The radio studio is in a recycled shipping container in the back of Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick. There’s a garden and I took a picture of the peppers growing in the backyard.

After the show I ordered the Speckenwolf pizza. I love Speck. It is the bacon of fancypants.

BTW, Nicole and I will be down in Atlanta in December for Lavish. I will be moderating a panel on food trends.