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Nichelle Newsletter and Random Thoughts

I am so OVER summer. It’s too hot. It’s record breaking hot. My natural hair will not look decent until after Labor Day.

I appreciate laughter.  I love comedy.  If I can make someone laugh,  I have achieved something.

Gawker.com is dead. I thought I would feel some kind of schadenfreude about the end of that website, but I don’t. It’s the end of a blog era. Now I hope someone writes a really good tell-all book and it becomes a Ryan Murphy tv show called, American Blog. Sean Bean can play Nick Denton.

I am back to creating my Nichelle Newsletter, and I promise weekly updates. Subscribe on Tinyletter.  So far, I am done two weeks in a row.

I created a Tumblr for my Savannah photos. My goal is for my Savannah content makes the first page of a Google search for Savannah.

I also did a podcast this week. Check it out on Soundcloud.