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Shoshi and Nichelle at ThisNext Dinner

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shoshi and nichelle, originally uploaded by nichellest.

The lovely folks from ThisNext were in town for Fashion Week, and they invited us New York Mavens for dinner at Tortilla Flats. Shoshi, Nichelle, Sarah and Patricia were among the group about twenty people talking about social shopping and recommending. Check out one of my lists on This Next.

Quirkyalone: Single But Not Waiting

Everybody needs somebody, sometime, right?! A new book called Quirkyalone by Sasha Cagen challenges that old notion that we all want to be in relationship. She proclaims that many single people are no longer waiting for the perfect match, but they are living their best life alone.

Well, I went to the website and took the quiz to see if I am a quirkyalone. I was surprised and kinda disappointed to find that I am very quirkyalone. I guess I can console myself with my battery operated friends who come in handy (pun intended) when my other friends are out on dates or moving in with THEIR boyfriends, damnit!