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The Weeks in Links (November 7)

It was Ad:Tech week with many parties. There was a historical election with many election night parties. It’s been a blast!

Monday at some Ad:Tech party, I finally met Sarah Cooley and Amber Show. Plus, I drank some sweet girl beer, Michelob Ultra with Raspberry Pomegranate.

Tuesday, I was hanging out at the Air America offices watching the early elections returns and carbo-loading on pasta before going to the party in Soho. It was great to see Baratunde Thurston there, yet I wish he was hologrammed into the CNN studios instead of Will.I. Am.

Wednesday, I had a election night hangover/euphoria but got back into the swing of things by attending the Akamai launch party at IAC.

Thursday was quiet.

Tonight, I am going to see the Sweet Divines at the Tribeca 92 Street Y.

Be sure to get your Obama sticker with artwork by Shepard Fairey.

Martha, Cupcakes, and Key Lime Martinis

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Martha Stewart Blogging Show, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Wednesday, I attended the taping of a very special Martha Stewart show. It was an all blogger show and everyone in the audience were bloggers. My Dell laptop battery lasted about 30 minutes so I couldn’t live blog/twitter the whole show, but it was fun. Martha Stewart and HP kindly gave away All-In-One Printers to everyone in the audience. I can’t wait to get mine in a few weeks!

Wednesday evening, Cupcakes Take The Cake had a Cupcake Social at The Delancey. There were so many cupcakes, that I don’t think I can eat any for the next week.

Friday was LikeMind, and after that I met with the founders of SmartyPig. I stopped by the OMMA Expo Hall, and met Barbi from Kontera.  In the evening I went to the Montauk Club in Park Slope to celebrate Eric’s birthday. I had two delicious Key Lime Martinis and chatted with friends. Today I feel a little anti-social so I’m staying close to home tonight.

Shoshi and Nichelle at ThisNext Dinner

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shoshi and nichelle, originally uploaded by nichellest.

The lovely folks from ThisNext were in town for Fashion Week, and they invited us New York Mavens for dinner at Tortilla Flats. Shoshi, Nichelle, Sarah and Patricia were among the group about twenty people talking about social shopping and recommending. Check out one of my lists on This Next.