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The Weeks in Links (November 7)

It was Ad:Tech week with many parties. There was a historical election with many election night parties. It’s been a blast!

Monday at some Ad:Tech party, I finally met Sarah Cooley and Amber Show. Plus, I drank some sweet girl beer, Michelob Ultra with Raspberry Pomegranate.

Tuesday, I was hanging out at the Air America offices watching the early elections returns and carbo-loading on pasta before going to the party in Soho. It was great to see Baratunde Thurston there, yet I wish he was hologrammed into the CNN studios instead of Will.I. Am.

Wednesday, I had a election night hangover/euphoria but got back into the swing of things by attending the Akamai launch party at IAC.

Thursday was quiet.

Tonight, I am going to see the Sweet Divines at the Tribeca 92 Street Y.

Be sure to get your Obama sticker with artwork by Shepard Fairey.