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I Went to New York And I Fell Out Of Love With The City

I went to New York for a few days last week, and it feels different. I love New York, but I am no longer in love with New York.  I feel like I can’t be myself there.  That city is a place of compromises. I was suffocating from all the new construction. There are so many tall buildings. Anyway, it was great to see my friends.

 Tricia, Dara and Me

Tricia, Dara and Me

Cat, Kristen and Me

Cat, Kristen and Me

Statue of Liberty

 Statue of Liberty

The Week In Links (Mach 27): Erin, Elline, Betty and Delia

An Evening of Reinvention

This week was about all the ladies which is very appropriate since it is the end of Women’s History Month.

Wednesday, I attended the book party for The Lazy Environmentalist.  Spotted Top Chef’s Gail Simmons there.  Kelly Samardak from MediaPost covered the event and took pictures.  It was great to see Alexis Tirado, Caroline Waxler and the girls from Morris+King, Katie Smith-Adair and Jen Moses.

Thursday was a night of Reinvention at SAKs.  Alyson Campbell from AMP3PR told me about her inspiring client Elline Surianello last summer, but it was like a real-live Oprah show to see Elline speak about women and hair loss. Editors from Betty Confidential were there, and I met the wonderful Annette Moore of Crowned Regal.

Saturday, I went to BAM Cafe to see Erin and Her Cello, and the show was packed. The show was enhanced by a horn section and a tap dancer, Danny Gardner. Then the boy and I headed out to Fort Greene for the monthly Dig Deeper show at the Five Spot Soul Food Supper Club.  Each month,  Dig Deeper features a live performance. Many of the artists haven’t played NYC in decades, making every show a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Delia “Dee Dee” Gartrell was the singer who threw down Saturday night. Her soulful voice filled the room. The Sweet Divines and The Divine Soul Rhythm Band backed Miss Gartrell.

17 People Who Should Be Famous

In no particular order, here’s some people I know that should be famous. I don’t have time for links, so “Google” them up!

  1. Arthur Lewis
  2. Erin and Her Cello
  3. Abbi Crutchfield
  4. Don McCloskey
  5. Taryn Harris (Fem Appeal)
  6. The Lascivious Biddies
  7. Neal Medlyn
  8. Baratunde Thurston
  9. Adira Amram
  10. Mindy Raf
  11. Carolyn Castiglia
  12. Negin Farsad
  13. Bridget Everett
  14. Bari Koral
  15. Tionna T. Smalls
  16. Jen Kwok
  17. Jess Wood

The Week In Links Ending Friday, November 14

Monday: Birthday Party for RKB at Ethiopian Restaurant, Awash. There were cupcakes, too.

Tuesday: New York Tech Meetup at IAC.  Check out Glue and MixedInk.

Wednesday: Brooklyn Hilary’s birthday/going away party, CITY magazine event and Red Cup Tweetup at Starbucks.

Thursday: Media Meshing.

Tonight: Sex Blogger Calendar Party and Matt’s Birthday party.

Favorite expression (via Ugly Betty) “You’re a snow day”.