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Blog World Expo: Fun, Fun, Fun

Techmunch "Curating Content" Panel
I really enjoyed my first Blog World Expo. It was great to meet new people and learn tips on how to make my blogs and social media better. Thanks to Babette Pepaj founder of BakeSpace for producing TechMunch Food Track and for Jenn-Air for providing the demo kitchen.

Things I loved about Blog World:

  • Thanks to Babette of BakeSpace for inviting to come and speak. It was fun!
  • Meeting my fellow Techmunch panelists–LA Time’s Rene Lynch, LAist’s Lindsay Williams-Ross, and TechZulu’s Amanda Coolong. Our panel rocked!
  • Seeing old NYC friends who now live in LA– Jayme Waxman and Tara Settembre.
  • Eating lots of steak and shrimp at the Omaha Steaks event. Lovely talking to Todd Simon.
  • Getting a hop scotch (butterscotch) cupcake from Kari Haskell of Retro Bakery. She’s cupcake royalty in Las Vegas.
  • Meeting Manouschka Guerrier (Single Serving) of Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.  She’s a blogger and celebrity chef.
  • Seeing Scott Hanselman’s presentation, “32 Ways To Make Your Blog Suck Less
  • Recognizing Brett Erlich at the Techmunch dinner as the host of Rotten Tomatoes on Current.
  • Lovely tasting of sashimi, short ribs, octopus at Yellowtail. Thanks Light Group.
  • Thanks Pop Chips for a basket of potato chips. I ate a lot of chips.
  • Meeting Edouard Lambelet of Paper.li.  I wonder if Geneva has a burgeoning tech scene.
  • Being interviewed by Sam Smith of Restaurant Business Magazine at the Pepsi booth.
  • Getting on stage to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” with a bunch of techies at the Palms. Thanks Mashable.
  • Hanging out with Erik Trinidad (Fancy Fast Food) and his buddy Terrence. Brooklyn Represent!
  • Tip from Aaron Aviles: when traveling, take a photo of your hotel room number with your phone, so you know where to sleep when you get back after a night of partying.

Links From BlogHer

Post BlogHer, I am cleaning out my purse of all the business cards I collected and want to share links of some great women. Check these out.

Owning Pink, a wonderful site for women.

Make and Takes, a craft/food/fun blog with projects for kids.

168hours, blog and book by Laura Vanderkam.

Momotics, where motherhood meets the politics of parenthood. Danielle loves cupcakes.

WLB Consultants, a blog about work life balance by Chrysula Winegar.

Mighty Girl,  lots of mighty stuff from Maggie Mason.

Carley Knobloch, life and career coach, productivity expert.

Mocha Momma, the funniest card I got at BlogHer.  It says “Mocha Momma will cut a bitch”.

Angela Haynes, mixed media artist

I’m remembering, a pop culture nostalgia blog. Hillary Buckholtz is someone I have know online via emails and Facebook for years and we finally met at BlogHer.  Yay!

Blogging While Brown NYC Meetup

bwbmeetup ladies

Last night, I hosted the inaugural Blogging While Brown NYC Meetup at Houndstooth Pub in Midtown. It was so much fun meeting new people. There are a lot new bloggers on the scene who are doing cool stuff.

Here’s a list of the attendees’ twitter handles:
@gcam @cavaughn @makeupkimporter @kittybradshaw @TempleofGlam @brettandthecity @mypolaropposite @funkybrownchick @artdeal @laidbackchick @shy2del @thefabchick @misssmith11 @streetforce1 @hergoodybag @osochic @jonesmag

See more pictures from meetup.

TechMUNCH NYC Was A Big Success


I have attended many conferences, organized many events but this is the first time I have co-produced a conference.  Babette and I have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from TechMUNCH attendees.

It was nice to meet so many smart creative people.  I was starstruck to see Jacques Torres as an attendee. All of the panels were informative. The panelists were generous with their expertise.   Read  Josh Unseth’s SEO presentation and Sarah Evans’ FTC Guidelines.


Thanks to sponsors which included KitchenAid, Robicellis, Tupperware and Valrhona.

Read blog posts from TechMUNCH attendees:

Eric of Garden Fork TV

Frani Lieberman of MBooth PR

The Ivory Hut

Hilary Allard from The Castle Group

Seattle Bound For Cinnabon

Tomorrow I am leaving for Seattle, Washington for Cinnabon for a sweet retreat. All I know about Seattle is what I see on “Grey’s Anatomy”. I am excited to be a part of a special mission along with other bloggers to sample new treats from Cinnabon which includes CUPCAKES!

Update: Here is the list of bloggers who will be going.

Amanda Acuna, Mommy Mandy

Alice Currah, Savory Sweet Life

Cathy Danh, Gastronomy Blog

Tanya Gordon, Mommy Goggles

Carey Jones, GigaChef.com

Elita Kalma, Soul Parents

Shara Lawrence-Weiss, Mommy Perks

Nichelle Stephens, Cupcakes Take the Cake

Erin Zimmer, Serious Eats

I will be blogging about this here, Cupcakes Take The Cake and on Twitter.

The Week In Links Ending Friday, November 14

Monday: Birthday Party for RKB at Ethiopian Restaurant, Awash. There were cupcakes, too.

Tuesday: New York Tech Meetup at IAC.  Check out Glue and MixedInk.

Wednesday: Brooklyn Hilary’s birthday/going away party, CITY magazine event and Red Cup Tweetup at Starbucks.

Thursday: Media Meshing.

Tonight: Sex Blogger Calendar Party and Matt’s Birthday party.

Favorite expression (via Ugly Betty) “You’re a snow day”.