The Week in Links (Say Cheese!)

Walking On Sunshine

“Cheese, glorious, cheese…”  I got a copy of The Cheese Chronicles, a new book about cheese by Liz Thorpe from Murray’s Cheese Shop.

Bill Wadman, the photographer who the wonderful 365 Portraits project, now has a book.  I stopped the book party at a lovely apartment in Chelsea.

Thursday, I went to the Girl Geek Dinner which was so much fun. Cathy Erway, Vanessa Bertozzi of Etsy blog, The Storque, and Jessica Faye Carter were the speakers.

I’m working on a new website that will launch this week. Check out We Inspire.

Saturday,  I stopped by Nadine’s birthday drinks. She is working on some cool stuff.

Vote for my SXSW panel, “The Broke Diaries: Using Blogs and Twitter to Live On The Cheap”.

The Week In Links (World Record, Going Home)

August 021

It’s Sunday, and I can’t wait until the season premiere of “Mad Men”. I just ate homemade pound cake with butter pecan ice cream at my parent’s house. When I get back to NYC, I am going to work on losing weight and making lifestyle changes to get rid of my spare tire. But first, I am going to recap all the food I ate this week.

August 023

Saturday, I went to Birmingham for a big family fish fry. My dad and uncle fried fish (tilapia and whitening) as well as shrimp. It was delicious.

August 002

Friday, I had a little sweetup at Sweet Pockets in Atlanta, and I really enjoyed our small group. My mom and her friends came.

cupcake kebab closeups

Rachel, Nora and I set a world record building the longest cupcake kebab for URDB. BTW, I highly recommend watching Food Party, Thu Tran’s show on IFC. She’s hilarious.

The Belated Week in Links (Wedding, Social and The Kid)

me with cupcake

Above is the best picture of me since I got chubby. Anyway, it is August and hot. I am going to the movies more to keep cool. Watching “Funny People” last week kept me cool, bu I did not enjoy the movie. I did enjoy attending Publishing Meets Tech Meetup last Monday. Fraser does a great job bringing together people from both industries. Thursday, I went to the Purple Rain Singalong at Prospect Park. It was so much fun. Wednesday, I saw my friend Lee Ann Westover sing at Cafe Steinhof with her talented friends. Saturday, I attended the picnic, wedding and reception for Cat and Kap. Sunday, Cupcakes Take The Cake had its annual collaboration with Jon Friedman and hosted the Delicious Sandwich Social and Cupcake Picnic at Prospect Park. See pictures of the fun on my Flickr.

The Week In Links (MJ Tribute, Watermelon Salsa, DUMBO)

Watermelon Salsa
It’s been a humid, rainy and sticky week weatherwise.

Monday was the Hyatt Manhattan Ballroom for Mashable event.

Wednesday, my friends and I went to Joe’s Pub for Our Hit Parade’s tribute to Michael Jackson. It was brilliant, irreverent and I almost cried when the kids did a medley of Jackson 5 songs. Alan Cumming did “You are Not Alone” and “Smile”.

Thursday,  I sweated with the best of Brooklyn at Digital DUMBO.

Saturday, I made watermelon salsa.

Lastly, I have a new blog which is a Tumblr about food. Check out Niche Food.