Back From DC

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the suburban DC/Virginia area and it was lovely. BTW, I didn’t crash any parties while down there.

Niche List: In The Flesh, Shelley Nicole and Score!

I will be down in Atlanta this weekend, so I will be missing some stuff.  Hope you have a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving weekend. Thursday, November 19. […]

Niche List: Obsolete Debate, Erin and Her Cello and More

I’m back in New York City and the calendar is high octane until the middle of December. Thursday November 12. Is it Obsolete?  Debate about […]

The Produce At Greenleaf Produce Warehouse

I have spent the weekend in San Francisco for the first annual FoodBuzz Festival. Saturday, all the festival attendees had dinner at the Greenleaf Produce […]

Niche List For November 4: Performa and More

I will not be around this weekend, so I am going to miss some of this cool stuff. Luckily, I will be in San Francisco […]