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Keep On Movin’

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Chicks and Giggles, originally uploaded by nichellest.

After over two years as a weekly show, Carolyn and I decided to make a change.  We’re making Chicks and Giggles a monthly show, and Chicks and Giggles is also moving at a new venue. To celebrate, we’re doing a variety show, “Anything But Stand-Up”.

Ann Carr (Comedy Central’s Honesty Web Series)
Shayna Ferm (new album Blonde by Shayna Ferm and the Upper Deckers)
Glennis McMurray (I Eat Pandas)
Jen MacNeil* (The Pearl Brunswick)
Eliza Skinner (Eliza Skinner is Shameless)
The Parodivas (On the Rocks)
Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia (VH1)

*Jen will be doing stand-up.

Chicks and Giggles
Tuesday, March 18 at 8PM
Ochi’s Lounge at Comix – for the last time!
353 W. 14th Street (at 9th Ave.)
No cover, 1 item minimum