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Peekskill Is Not Just For The Facts Of Life

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peekskill backyard, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Saturday after the torrential downpour where some of my carrot cupcakes got wet, I took the train up to Peekskill for a party. I have friends who live in Manhattan that won’t even go to East Williamsburg for a party so the fact that I took Metro North means I am a real trooper.

Derek Hartley, who used to be my neighbor in Harlem, hosted. There were hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and plenty of cute guys, but they were all gay. It was just my luck that I was the only woman there other than Derek’s neighbor who loves Bud Lime as much I do. I also played Rock Band with the neighbor’s kid and his friend downstairs in the rec room. The boys told me about their Boy Scout badges. I told them about the Montauk Monster. [ I am not often around 8-year old boys] Around 10PM, the Peekskill fireworks started. The fireworks were great especially there’s no light pollution up there. I had a good time, and I felt like I was in America for five hours. I need to leave New York City more often.