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My week in review: No Pauses Even With A Sprain

mjpicnic 006

Last week…
The Brit and I went to the MJ Picnic in Prospect Park. We sat in the shade and sang Michael Jackson songs and ate free Ben and Jerry ice cream. Saturday, we went to Melissa’s birthday/housewarming party. Earlier that day I slept. Earlier than that I went to the Duane Reade walk-in clinic again but I sprained my ankle AGAIN. I have either weak ankles or poor balance. I will not wear heels any time soon. I sprained my ankle on Friday which made me missed going to the New Work City party. Thursday I stopped by Obliterati late after first going to the Aviary office warming. Wednesday I went to Topics and Tapas, and then met with the The Brit to see The Sweet Divines, Inyang Bassey and Binky Griptite and Eli Paperboy Reed perform at Rockwood. Tuesday I went to Drinking Club at Maritime and talked to Sean and Riva about Foursquare and other geo-location services. Not all will survive, I’m sure. Before that I picked up my fruit share from Brooklyn Farmacy. I resisted the urge to get an egg cream.

The Week in Stuff

“Imma let you finish” -Kanye starts a meme and the internets run with it.

Patrick Swayze died. It is like “The Summer of Death’ (h/t to Balk) is knocking out the 80s icons one by one.

It’s Revenge of the Nerds: President Obama yields a light saber on the White House lawn, Nerdcore Rising is now available on Netflix, and Keith sent me this link, Nerd Boyfriend.

Fashion Week happened. I hear that more people paid attention to who was sitting on the front row that the collections. I am waiting for someone to do a hipster-like version of musical chairs.

ACORN. Before last year, acorn was just a nut. Now ACORN is just plainly squirrelly.

Bored To Death premieres on Sunday. Jason Schwartzman is hilarious as Jonathan Ames.

This Week in People-Two Nichelles and More!

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Tayari and the Two Nichelles, originally uploaded by kleopatrjones.

Since last Thursday, it’s been a busy week with a short respite at Martha’s Vineyard. Last Thursday, I went over to Housing Works where there was a special Southern Lit with ZZ Packer. I didn’t meet ZZ, but I did see the Other Nichelle, Author Tayari Jones (Untelling, Leaving Atlanta). It was good to see Marcy Dermansky (Twins) and her husband Jurgen was there, who I haven’t seen in over a year. Later that night, I went to Leo’s very Tumbly¬† birthday party. Tuesday at the Tech Meetup, Hermann told me that reads my tweets and vacations in Oak Bluffs. Wednesday, I ran into Laena at Little Branch, and tonight (Thursday) I met Lisa of Tasty Lacy at a birthday party for a publicist. Whew!

This Week in People

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kim and me, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Here’s my first post in a new weekly feature where I highlight the folks I have met in the past week. Starting with last night and rewinding back to Monday, I have met and hung out with so many cool people. Last night I stopped by the launch party for Glam’s new lifestyle blog network, Black Life and I caught up with Kim. Kim (pictured above) and I met briefly four years ago at a AfroPunk event where Stiffed played. The lead singer of Stiffed is now Santogold. Kim works at a cool arts nonprofit, Making Books Sing. Kim introduced me to her friend Kelly who is an event producer from Ubiquita NYC. Before the Glam party, I went to a clothing swap at St. Margaret’s House and was interviewed by meteorologist Elise Finch from WCBS News Channel 2. Hopefully, my comments about being green and ecologically correct will air on the news.

After the Glam party, I met Marissa, stylist and owner of Ke Haas Salon on Clinton Street on the Lower East Side.

During the day, I interviewed two dynamic CEOs. I met with Aaron Patzer of Mint in person and talked to Karen Northrup of Corefino over the phone.

Tuesday, I stopped by Ladies Lotto briefly, and I met Tina who is the founder/designer of Laid Back Home.

Monday, I went to a networking happy hour sponsored by American Business Media. I met Vikas Sapra who recognized me from Twitter. He is a techie and a turntablist.