Poem About Being Single in 2017

I don’t get free drinks anymore because of smartphones.

I used to be able to sidle up to a bar and flash my smile.

Then I would strike up a conversation with a guy.

Later he would buy me a round.

Now, no one looks up from the phone.

They are constantly scrolling,


Or furiously texting.

I spend more money in bars.

Or I spend more time at home.

The End.

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The Economy Has A Donkey Booty

Yes, I am comparing the United States’ economy to a woman’s figure. If you watch ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta‘, then you may have heard Phaedra Parks wax poetically about the Donkey Booty. It is a curvy, round butt that stands out. Despite Wall Street profits and the S&P hitting record highs, the middle class is shrinking. The middle class is losing numbers like JHud whittled her waistline from Weight Watchers. The new jobs coming from the private sectors are not living wage jobs. The public sector is not doing enough to create jobs. Cutting spending and creating lopsided stimulus packages are the only tools Congress is using. To refer back to my analogy, Congress keeps cutting carbs from their spending diet and thinks that makes the economy healthy. You may fit into those skinny jeans, but it doesn’t mean you are fiscally fit. The majority of jobs is coming from the retail and restaurant industry which typically are low wage jobs even if in managerial positions. These jobs don’t pay enough for a family to get ahead or even cover basic needs. Some people who are vying for these positions are often college-educated and are over-qualified. The current labor market is slack with four generations who are eligible to work. The donkey booty is a synonym for a woman’s posterior, an onion. Basically, the economy is so bad at the low end that it can make you CRY.


Ad Executive Realness?!

Mad Men is back with its fifth season and I am excited for its return. There are so many writers busy
recapping episodes that I won’t do that here. However I will ruminate on themes of the show that I perceive. Yesterday, I walked into a vintage clothing store in Red Hook and browsed a bit When I left, I laughed at the store’s sign that said “spring picnic realness”. I immediately thought of the documentary, “Paris Is Burning” and the ball categories like “executive realness”.

This led me to think how Don Draper is more than a character; he is a caricature of what many think of 1960’s advertising executive looked, drank, smoked, and screwed. In fact, maybe Don Draper is the drag persona Dick Whitman.

It may seem like a stretch, but Jon Hamm’s acting as Don could be like a straight man in hyper masculine drag.

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