Kiss Me Deadly

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killmeloudly, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Last night I went to see “Kill Me Loudly“, a very funny play. It is a clown noir starring Deanna Fleysher, Chris Manley, Chris Roberti and Jeff Seal. These four are NOT scary clowns that perform at children’s parties. They are sexy, crazy, acrobatic clowns who had me howling with laughter throughout the show.

I highly recommend going if you want to laugh. Plus, you get to see guys playing with paddles and stripped down to their skivvies.

Milagro Theater at Clemente Soto Velez
107 Suffolk between Delancey and Rivington
$15 (to purchase tickets go to Brown Paper Tickets)


Saturday, July 19 8PM
Friday, July 25 8PM
Saturday, July 26 8PM

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