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I Was Never Afraid To Support Hillary; I Just Wasn’t Enthusiastic About It

One of my Facebook “friends” unfriended back in the spring during the primaries because he was a die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter. I was just irked that this dude blew up my comment thread on Facebook by arguing with other friends on Facebook. I had to disable the comments because it was getting ugly. However, I was never in fear of my safety. It is prescient that some Hillary supporters joined Pantsuit Nation (PSN) as a safe space for Hillary Clinton. Did they know something I didn’t know?! In retrospect, I would posit that PSN had many close friends and family who were Trump supporters, and they sought out PSN as refuge. However, it wasn’t like joining Weight Watchers. Pantsuit Nation is the worst accountability partner ever. By remaining silent and not promoting advocacy, PSN was just a place to bitch and moan about Trump. In a way, it makes more sense that there was a secret Trump Facebook group, but since Trump voters had nothing to worry about, I guess it wasn’t necessary. Besides, there are secret Facebook groups for buying guns, and I am sure they reach a similar demographic.