The best thing about New York is all the creative people you meet. One of my favorite peeps is Don McCloskey. He’s playing tonight at […]

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn

NEW YORK Watson Adventures is having a scavenger hunt this Saturday, January 31 at the lovely Brooklyn Museum of Art. Come discover and enjoy the […]

Dear Mama

New York Michelle Matlock’s “The Mammy Project” is back! Who is Michelle? She’s a freelance entertainer. What is the Mammy Project? A performance piece where […]

The End Of The Road

OK, this is a lame attempt at getting in on the Bennifer bandwagon as it rides into the sunset! Those of you who mourn the […]

Underneath It All

“Is she naked?!” You may be curious to know that you don’t have to fly down to South Beach to see beautiful nudes. Watson Adventures […]


TV The more I watch; the more I like it! Kudos to VH1 for its latest project, “Bands Reunited”. Where “I Love the 80’s” was […]

Magic Man

My good friend Don McCloskey is headlining the Local Artist Showcase at the Makor on Tuesday, January 20. Don will mystify you with his hypnotic […]


TV Hey, I stayed in on a wintry Friday night to look at a new show premiering on the Food Network, Dweezil and Lisa. Food […]

Say You, Say Me

NEW YORK Neal Medlyn is billing himself as the Paris Hilton of Performance Art. Well, I know Nicole Richie would simply agree! Neal Medlyn is […]

You Only Live Twice

NEW YORK Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Forget chocolates, and roses are so suburban! I recommend the fabulous Agent Provocateur store in […]