No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn


Watson Adventures is having a scavenger hunt this Saturday, January 31 at the lovely Brooklyn Museum of Art. Come discover and enjoy the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York’s most underrated museum! During the hunt, you’ll see almost every room in the museum’s five floors, including the new Egyptian gallery, the new exhibition of European art in the stunning Beaux Art court, and the recently reinstalled African and American galleries. This is one of my personal favorites, with lots of variety and very cool period rooms that take you back to colonial America. And fear not, Manhattanites—it’s easy to get there! The 2 and 3 trains stop right in front of the museum. Price: $25, which includes museum admission. Time: 3 to 5:30 PM

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Dear Mama

New York

Michelle Matlock’s “The Mammy Project” is back! Who is Michelle? She’s a freelance entertainer. What is the Mammy Project? A performance piece where she pokes fun at the stereotypes of the American mammy. The show is at the Palace of Variety 125 West 42nd Street betweeen 6th and Broadway. The Palace of Variety is also home to the famous Bindlestiff Family Circus. Shows are every Sunday and Monday until February 29. Tickets are $15. Check out this week’s Time Out New York for dates and times!

The End Of The Road

OK, this is a lame attempt at getting in on the Bennifer bandwagon as it rides into the sunset! Those of you who mourn the breakup can comfort yourselves with the following combinations.

Well, you can get your fix from Jennifer Connelly and Ben Kingsley from “The House of Sand and Fog”. If you want comedy there’s Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller from “Along Came Polly”. Then for music, make a special CD with songs like “Benny & the Jets” and 867-5309 (Jenny is in the song).

Or if you are like me, you’ll just delight in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I could have some Jenny Craig, but I didn’t like J.Lo that much anyway!

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Underneath It All

“Is she naked?!” You may be curious to know that you don’t have to fly down to South Beach to see beautiful nudes. Watson Adventures is doing one of their most popular scavenger hunts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this Saturday. During the hunt you will search for answers to clues that relate to the artwork at the Met. The Naked at the Met scavenger hunt is Saturday, January 24, from 5:30 to 8 PM. Rated PG-13. It’s $30, which includes museum admission (per museum policy). Buy online today!

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The more I watch; the more I like it! Kudos to VH1 for its latest project, “Bands Reunited”. Where “I Love the 80’s” was cloying nostalgia, this is so much better. The formula for this show is reality+reunion+retro 80s band concert. It ROCKS!!!

Listening to bands like Berlin and Romeo Void play their hits again was great! All of the band members were doing it for the love of music. It really takes me back to when wearing neon colors and lacy gloves was totally awesome.

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Magic Man

My good friend Don McCloskey is headlining the Local Artist Showcase at the Makor on Tuesday, January 20. Don will mystify you with his hypnotic lyrics. He will amaze you with death-defying feats of metrosexual posturing with an alt-country/indie pop slant. Plus, he promises to put the FUNK in folk!

Along with Don McCloskey, Joel Henry and Heath Brandon will be performing. Show starts at 8PM. Tickets are $12.

The Makor is in the Steinhardt Building (35 West 67th Street) between Central Park West and Columbus.

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    Hey, I stayed in on a wintry Friday night to look at a new show premiering on the Food Network, Dweezil and Lisa.

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  • It’s the zany adventures of Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb as they travel around the country visiting restaurants and diners. In this episode, they visit Atlanta when the two hang out with one of the Indigo Girls and sing a few tunes. I noticed that D & L will break out their guitars at the drop of a hat. And I bet if they got a crowd to listen, a lot of dollar bills would fall into that hat!

    This show is definitely aimed at young foodies who loved 90’s indie pop and can sing along to Dweezil’s sister’s song, “Valley Girl”. (Remember back when kids of rock stars actually attempted to be successful, even if it is kinda lame!). The show was nice, but D& L are way too laid back for TV. Compared to other frenetic Food Network stars like Emeril and Jamie Oliver, Dweezil and Lisa are pretty tame. Plus neither seem dumb enough or funny enough to generate any watercooler buzz. (Do foodies gather around a watercooler or a hot pot of pasta?!) Anyway, I like Lisa Loeb’s website and her glasses are just adorable!

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    Say You, Say Me


    Neal Medlyn is billing himself as the Paris Hilton of Performance Art. Well, I know Nicole Richie would simply agree! Neal Medlyn is a sick, twisted individual and funny performance artist. I am a witness and I willingly testify to

    Neal Medlyn’s genius! He will be performing this Saturday January 17 at

    Collective: Unconscious 145 Ludlow St. (between Stanton & Rivington) at 8PM. $7

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  • You Only Live Twice


    Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Forget chocolates, and roses are so suburban!

    I recommend the fabulous Agent Provocateur store in SoHo (133 Mercer St). Their lingerie is lacy, racy and just plain HOT! Ladies, you may want to try on a couple of outfits for fun, and then subtly slip your measurements into your honey’s pocket. (Hopefully he’ll get the hint). Guys, if you’re too shy to go in person, you can shop online.

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