The Week In Links (April 24 and More)

Nichelle at Re/Dress

The last week and a half has been busy. It’s Wednesday morning, which is the calm before the storm. Thursday, I leave for Durham, North Carolina for my sister’s wedding.

Last night, I saw Helvetica at the Bell House as part of “Drinks on The Doc” series presented by Brooklyn Based. It was great!

Monday, I was the guest speaker at a viral marketing class at FIT. Tina Shoulders invited me to speak to her class. I really enjoyed doing it, so hopefully I can do it again.

Sunday, I walked around Red Hook, and stopped by Baked.

Saturday was cupcake eating contest at Ivy Bakery and cupcake judging at Robicelli’s.

Friday, I was checking out the Time Square Arts Center for a comedy show.

Thursday, Cupcakes Take The Cake had a meetup at Re/Dress. I bought the lovely blazer pictured above.

The Week In Links (Solar, Green and Burn)

PV Racer
Tuesday, I stopped by the “I Heart PV” solar awareness party at Sycamore Bar. I met some cool people from Solar One and made a solar-powered toy car. It was also my first time getting off the Cortelyou subway station.
Volunteered at the 99% Conference.
Listened to great stories at In The Flesh.
Won a ticket to the Go Green Expo and stopped by on Friday afternoon.
Met fellow entrepreneurs at Biznik’s Happy Hour.
I ate cake!
Watched “Burn After Reading” on Saturday. [I need more Netflix recommendations.]
Stopped by Ivy Bakery on Sunday and got a yummy cinnamon roll.

The Week In Links: Jesus Camp, Art Openings, Cupcakes

cupcakes from cupcake camp

Tuesday, I went to The Bell House for the very first time. Brooklyn Based just started a new film series, Drinks on the Doc where they will show indie documentaries. The first one was “Jesus Camp” which is a very scary movie.
Wednesday, I bought some fly Vans sneakers.
Thursday, I check out some art in Chelsea, Sophie Calle at Paula Cooper and the Objects of Desire at Anna Kustera.
Friday, I did some co-working at Treehouse and later I went to CupcakeCampNYC.
Saturday, the boy and I went to Beer Table and got tipsy from fancy beers.
Sunday, I made macaroni and cheese for two Easter brunches.

The Week In Links (April 3): Makedown, Tailor, SM4SC

monkfish, sausage, and canneloni beans

Attended The Desk Set’s First Ever Writer Reader Book Swap and picked up a copy of The Makedown by Gitty Daneshvari. I really enjoyed the book which is about a formerly fat girl who dates a gorgeous. It’s a pretty dark comedy that could be a good movie. Actress Ginnifer Goodwin would be great as Anna.

Wednesday, The Boy and I had dinner at Tailor. It was a wonderful dining experience of sweet and savory foods.

Thursday, I volunteered a bit at the PSFK conference and hung out later for post-conference drinks.

Tonight, I am going to the Social Media for Social Change fundraiser.

The weekend will be low-key. I promise.