The Week in Stuff

“Imma let you finish” -Kanye starts a meme and the internets run with it.

Patrick Swayze died. It is like “The Summer of Death’ (h/t to Balk) is knocking out the 80s icons one by one.

It’s Revenge of the Nerds: President Obama yields a light saber on the White House lawn, Nerdcore Rising is now available on Netflix, and Keith sent me this link, Nerd Boyfriend.

Fashion Week happened. I hear that more people paid attention to who was sitting on the front row that the collections. I am waiting for someone to do a hipster-like version of musical chairs.

ACORN. Before last year, acorn was just a nut. Now ACORN is just plainly squirrelly.

Bored To Death premieres on Sunday. Jason Schwartzman is hilarious as Jonathan Ames.