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The Niche List: Effing Cool Women

December 5: Cupcake Show in Mt Vernon

Under the crush of parties and events, I bring you a little something, something.

Saturday, December 5. Tina Shoulders of LaidBack Home presents the Cupcake Show. I will be speaking about cupcakes at Harmony Designs, 115 South 4th Ave Lower level in Mount Vernon, NY. 1PM. FREE.

Sunday, December 6. Do some crafty holiday shopping at the Bust Craftacular. Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street. 10AM-8PM

Sunday, December 6. The FCW Holiday Party will be at Angels and Kings. Hosted by Yolanda Shoshana and featuring performance by Jessica Delfino. There will also be a clothing swap. 4-8PM

Purple Haze

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purple haze hot dogs, originally uploaded by nichellest.

It’s been an action packed week with parties, shows, and a hot dog cook-off.

I went to Neal Medlyn’s Unpronounceable Symbol show at PS 122.  I may go again next week since Bridget Everett will be making a cameo.  The show was reviewed by the New York Times.

Thursday, I went to see Little Jackie perform at the Steve Madden store on Rivington. Their new album, The Stoop, is out now.

Friday, I chilled out with friends at Prospect Park to celebrate Brian Van’s birthday and listen to The Brazilian Girls.

Yesterday, I competed in the Third Annual Great Hot Dog Cookoff. My purple haze hot dogs are pretty and tasty.

Today, I found out that I am featured in an article about clothing swaps in New York Daily News. Yay!


Graffiti Bridge

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manhattanbridge cloudy, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Today was fun walking around lower Manhattan and East Village. First, there was a clothing swap at St. Margaret’s House.  Then, my friends and I dodged the rain by walking under the overpass by the East River. We saw the structure for the New York City Waterfalls, a new public art project that will be on display starting  June 26.

Later we went to The Delancey for rooftop BBQ, and later went to listen to experimental music from composer Barney McAll.

One Thing Leads To Another

Tonight: Come to the Hysterical Festival Fundraiser show at Comix. Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia, the lineup includes Adira Amram, Rachel Feinstein, Heather Lawless, Ophira Eisenberg Bridget Everett and Mel and El.

Saturday: On April 19, you can party with a girl and her instrument. Join Erin and Her Cello as she celebrates the release of her debut CD with a performance at Joe’s Pub. Listen to her song, “Subway Crush“.

May 4: I am hosting a clothing swap at Angels and Kings.

May 8: Be social. Cupcakes Take The Cake is hosting a Cupcake Social 2.0 at The Delancey.