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Via Email from Welsh Assembly Gov’t: There’s a new self-guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, New York, visiting ten places associated with Dylan Thomas has newly been published by the Welsh Assembly Government’s New York office. The tour has been written by Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan, and Swansea poet Peter Thabit Jones. You can print out the tour by going to Dylan Thomas.

Via Brooklyn Based Artists Wanted, heads to Chelsea to host a block party outside White Box gallery for the opening of Kim Holleman’s Solo Show, “TRASHNAMI! CIRCA 2012: Ruminations on a Changing World,” where her surreal “land art,” like a massive, trash-bag tidal wave and mobile public park (a k a “Trailer Park”) will be installed. Outside, a flatbed truck will stage DJs for the celebratory street party. July 17th, 6- 11 pm, 525 West 26 St.,