Ignite: Soldering, Startups and Social Magic

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Ignite NYC was amazing in it geekiness and creativity. If I majored in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech, I would have considered competing in the soldering competition. There were about 10 guys who did competed, and twice as many people who documented it via iPhone, digital camera and video camera.

Almost everyone actively or tangentially involve in the “downtown tech scene” was at Ignite. The 5-minute presentations were cool, but there were too many. New Yorkers like to talk and drink WAY more than they like to listen, so it was hard to hear some of the later presentations.

I really liked Tony B’s co-working/start-up rap which included beatbox by Alex from Indy Hall, and Nate Westheimer’s Social Magic Theory. Dressed like a carnival huckster in a seersucker suit and bow tie, Nate explained social magic can be achieved through triangulation and pleasurable cognitive dissonance. After all that I stopped by Tokyo Bar to have dessert. The chocolate parfait is delicious!

Related: Allen Salkin’s New York Times article about the downtown tech scene which included coverage of the Ignite party.

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