I’m Saving Myself For Nichelle Nichols

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ltuhura, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Since I am cleaning out my purse of cards and flyers, I bring you more art and links from TOAST.

The picture above is part of a multimedia installation from Brooklyn artist Simone Leigh.  It’s the back of Lt. Uhura’s head from Star Trek.

Murray Hidary has a lovely apartment, plays cello and a great photography.

Artist Beth Dary does fascinating work with stick pins.


The Beautiful Ones

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red dress, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Saturday, I walked around Tribeca for the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour (AKA TOAST). There were less artists this year, there was no cheese or Krispy Kreme doughnuts either.

One of the artists I whose work I really like is Donna Rosenthal’s work. She crochets pretty dresses with thin wire and also makes dresses out of old newspapers and catalogs.

Lick It Up

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chocolate dessert at spice market, originally uploaded by nichellest.

I had this amazing dessert at Spice Market last week that was like a exotic Ho-Ho. There ginger ice cream and black cherry sorbet .

Neighborbeeblog: New New York blog.

Chelsea Mind Games: New Music Trivia Variety Night

Stop Me

Things I really like right now:

Russell Brand. He is so hot that I may consider going to see a Judd Apatow movie, but in the meantime, I will read his biography, My Booky Wook.

Daniel Merriweather. The Aussie has more soul in his pinky toe than Amy Winehouse  has in her entire pinky body.

TOAST. Also known as the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour. I have been going for two years and I thoroughly enjoy the permutations of bad art/good wine, good art/bad wine, good cheese/bad wine, great art/no wine and etc.

Call Me

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fashion kitty’s betsey johnson purse, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Last night was so much fun. First, I stopped by Digital Wednesday’s at Ono and was surprised when someone tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Jessica. Later I had dinner and drinks at Spice Market with Fashion Kitty and ThisNext Mavens Shoshi, Science Geek and 20SomethinGirl. As we were finishing dessert, my old pal who I had been playing text message tag with all day walked in. We hadn’t seen each other in seven years. After one last drink at the Hog Pit, I spent ages on the subway getting home, but I had a blast!

Baby, I’m A Star

You're With Me, Leather.
Three years ago, I went to an anniversary party for the Derek and Romaine show, and I met Perez Hilton who blogged back then on Page Six Six Six. I also met The Glamazons, who are now pitchwomen for Torrid. Three years ago, I saw Stiffed perform at Scenic which is now Club Midway. The lead singer, Santi White (AKA Santogold) is the sister of a friend of my cousin. Now Santogold and her debut album is coming out in two weeks. Looking back, I am often in the presence of super talented people when they are in the brink of breaking through. It’s cool, and I am often inspired by their grooviness. However, I still don’t know what star to hitch my wagon to.

Should I be a food writer?

Should I be a big blog publisher?

Should I be a small business consultant and expert?

Should I be a comedy producer? Or I be a comedy writer/storyteller?

Should I be a publicist?

I am little bit of all these things already.  However, I must trim the fat and figure out what works. To make a dining analogy, I need to select an entree and two side dishes instead of eating appetizers all day. The problem is that I love potato skins so much!

One Thing Leads To Another

Tonight: Come to the Hysterical Festival Fundraiser show at Comix. Hosted by Carolyn Castiglia, the lineup includes Adira Amram, Rachel Feinstein, Heather Lawless, Ophira Eisenberg Bridget Everett and Mel and El.

Saturday: On April 19, you can party with a girl and her instrument. Join Erin and Her Cello as she celebrates the release of her debut CD with a performance at Joe’s Pub. Listen to her song, “Subway Crush“.

May 4: I am hosting a clothing swap at Angels and Kings.

May 8: Be social. Cupcakes Take The Cake is hosting a Cupcake Social 2.0 at The Delancey.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

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brooklyn inn, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Warning!!! This post is all about Brooklyn stuff. Last weekend I went to the new weekend flea market, Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. It was packed by the way with lots of vendors like Amy who I know from Ladies Who Launch. Afterward, I met up with a friend to have a few pints at the Brooklyn Inn on Hoyt Street. Oh, and lately I have been reading Brooklyn Based to find out what’s going on. By the way, there will be a Grand Street Block Party on May 17.




One Bad Apple

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apple strudel@mercury lounge, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Stopped by the Sk-rt.com party and met some lovely people including Sk*rt founders Laura, Laurie and Gabrielle. I also met Liz, Mir, and Maria who said I was one of the first blogs she linked to back in the day. It is nice to meet other people who have juggle more than one blog.

So the kind people at Blurb gave us “skirts”a gift certificate towards creating one Blurb book. Now I have a fun project for April/May. Sweet!