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The Week In Links: Obama, Casa Mono, Momofuku (January 23)

momofuku pork bun, originally uploaded by nichellest.

We can stop saying “President-Elect Obama” now because Barack is in the White House. Yay!

Here are the links:

  • Tapas at Casa Mono was a great way to celebration Inauguration Night. The pumpkin and goat cheese croquetas were so yummy.
  • is a great site to not only follow what’s going on with the 44th President, but it is good to brush on your American history knowledge with a listing of all presidents.
  • Stopped by the Serious Eats Happy Hour and then a few went over to Momofuku Milk Bar where we ate soft serve ice cream. The flavors chocolate malt and orange julius were my favorites.  I also had my first ever Momofuku pork bun (pictured above). It was so good.
  • Worked at New Work City today and got a sneak peek of  Tony and Todd’s co-working book, “I’m Outta Here”.
  • Read the blog posts by Michelle and Anita, the two writers at I Can Bring Home The Bacon.

Baked Book Party and FreshDirect Event

Nato, Matt, Niche and RKB, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Tonight, I went to the book party for Baked at PowerHouse Arena in DUMBO. Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, the owners of Baked in Red Hook, have written their first cookbook,  Baked: New Frontiers in Baking, which is full of delicious recipes for cakes, brownies, whoopie pies and cupcakes. The Chocolate Malted cupcakes pictured above are so yummy!

Artisanal Cheese and Wine At USQ

Before going to the Baked event, I stopped by the FreshDirect event at Union Square Wine and Spirits.  The event was to promote the FreshDirect’s new online wine store partnership With USQ Wine Store.  There was cheese and wine pairings, sake with edamame,  a few Spanish wines and a really spicy ginger cocktail made with Canton.  I especially liked the Llopart Rose Brut Cava so I may get some for the holidays since they will be here soon.  At the event, I met a couple of writers from Crain’s,  a very cool former model who is a foodie, and actress Robin Mattson who played Heather on General Hospital back in the day. Plus, I talked to fellow foodbuzz blogger Miss Ginsu and the very nice publicists at MWW.

Bones, [no] Thugs and Harmony

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Saturday, originally uploaded by nichellest.

I’m in Atlanta visiting the fam. My sister has this adorable little dog named Star who is 10 weeks old.

My dad made the most tasty BBQ ribs on Saturday. They were bone-sucking good. 🙂 Sunday, my family and I went for brunch at The Pecan, a delicious soul food restaurant in downtown College Park. The pepperjack grits are so good.

I got a copy of this new eco-magazine, Boho.

Call Me

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fashion kitty’s betsey johnson purse, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Last night was so much fun. First, I stopped by Digital Wednesday’s at Ono and was surprised when someone tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Jessica. Later I had dinner and drinks at Spice Market with Fashion Kitty and ThisNext Mavens Shoshi, Science Geek and 20SomethinGirl. As we were finishing dessert, my old pal who I had been playing text message tag with all day walked in. We hadn’t seen each other in seven years. After one last drink at the Hog Pit, I spent ages on the subway getting home, but I had a blast!


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fancy ham and cheese sandwich, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Before eating a delicious croque-monsieur at Lucky Strike, I went to a book party in Soho for photographer Lisa Kereszi’s book, Fantasies.  It was a crazy crowded at the party which was held in a Soho loft.  There was one gray haired man walking around eating a bowl of cereal. I think that’s his “party schtick”. Other people tie knots out of cherry stems.

Beef Jerky

florent mac and cheese

This morning I started the day with a Slim Jim which was left over from the Roanoke trip. This evening I had macaroni and cheese at Florent which is delicious and carb-tastic. I even upgraded by ordering Black Forest Ham with it just to be naughty. Besides, Purim is on Friday.