Read, Reading and More Books Next Saturday

I just re-read Danzy Senna’s Symptomatic.  It is a fascinating book, and after reading for the second time the book still gave me chills.  It’s  […]

Memorial Day Weekend

It was the quietest Memorial Day Weekend for me in many years, but I liked it. I didn’t attend any drunken rooftop parties. I didn’t […]

The Week In Links (Scones, Parties, Crafts)

Sunday, I made scones for the very first time. Inspired by a recipe I saw in Parade, I altered the raisin scone recipe and include […]

Weekend Wonderful

Went bowling today at Melody Lanes. Had dinner at Bar Toto. Had drinks at basement bar that has not officially opened. Saw great performances by […]

The Mid-Week O’ Links

I am either getting off schedule or trying to blog here twice a week. Yesterday, I attended the New York Tech Meetup. There were great […]