Read, Reading and More Books Next Saturday

I just re-read Danzy Senna’s Symptomatic.  It is a fascinating book, and after reading for the second time the book still gave me chills.  It’s  a story about New York, loneliness, race, class, women and toxic friendships.  A good companion book to this is Nella Larsen’s Passing.

Today I picked up an old copy  of The Great Gatsby at a used bookstore in the Village. This classic novel seems like the perfect book to read in the summer in New York City.

Next Saturday, I can pick up more books for next to nothing at Housing Works Open Air Street Fair on Crosby Street.

Are you reading anything good this summer?! I would love any suggestions!

Memorial Day Weekend

2nd annual risotto cookoff

It was the quietest Memorial Day Weekend for me in many years, but I liked it. I didn’t attend any drunken rooftop parties. I didn’t drink out of a red Solo cup.

I ate lots of risotto at the 2nd Annual Risotto Cookoff.
I bought a pretty pink chain and pearl necklace from Issy Salomon.
I went to a surprise birthday party.
I sung karaoke.
I watched “Wendy and Lucy” on DVD.
I made a sardine, feta cheese and chickpea salad.
I went to Kitty Nights Burlesque.
I walked around Prospect Park.
I went to see “Duplicity”.

The Week In Links (Scones, Parties, Crafts)

cherry and raisin scones

Sunday, I made scones for the very first time. Inspired by a recipe I saw in Parade, I altered the raisin scone recipe and include fresh cherries. Yum!

Saturday, I volunteered at Junior Achievement. Talking to high school kids was great!  They have both hope and hustle.

Friday,  I did Jelly co-working at Winter Garden. It has been years since I have been there.  I used to work at Deloitte and Touche at World Financial Center, and I still get a little anxious even though I wasn’t in NYC on 9/11, but I had worked there until May 2001.  Tried to walk across the skywalk was impossible for me.  My heart started racing just walking up the stairs, and I feared a panic attack was coming on. I took the long way walking across the busy West Street which is more precarious because of the traffic. Anyway, I had fun at Jelly, and actually got some work done.

Thursday, I did a bookkeeping talk at New Work City. Here’s the outline of my presentation.

Wednesday, I went to the Curator’s Reception for the NY Photo Festival.

Tuesday, I partied  with fellow Foodbuzz bloggers at David Burke Townhouse.

Monday, I cupcake-crafted at Etsy Labs.

The Mid-Week O’ Links

I am either getting off schedule or trying to blog here twice a week.
Yesterday, I attended the New York Tech Meetup. There were great presentations by Apture, Behance’s Action Method, ExZact, BeamMePitch Sesame Vault and Zemanta. BTW, I am using Zemanta to write this blog post.

I am on the community committee so feel free to contact about upcoming meetups and the big Demo Pit that will take place during Internet Week.

Monday, I shopped a little at New York and Company which always something I love.

Sunday, I flew back from Durham after some quality time with my family.

I recommend checking out Sugar Stacks to find out how much sugar is in what you are eating. I try to save my sugar intake for cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes, there’s the Cupcake Social on Thursday and Cupcake Crafting at Etsy Labs on Monday. Join the Cupcakes Take The Cake Meetup Group to get the scoop.

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