Food Blogger Dinner At Purple Yam

James Boo (The Eaten Path) organized a Food Blogger on Feb 16th. We went to Purple Yam in Ditmas Park/Flatbush. Beside me is Intern Melissa […]

Recommendations: Durrow, Mac Bar, Work It Brooklyn

READ: I highly recommend reading Heidi Durrow’s debut novel, The Girl who Fell From The Sky. The story is one part mystery, one part coming […]

Niche List: All The Singing Ladies

I wish I could go to see all these wonderful women sing and play this week, but I can’t clone myself yet. If you like […]

LA Cupcake Challenge: A Collage of Minis

Does Amanda Live Here?!

I spent the weekend in Los Angeles, mostly Santa Monica. I stayed with my friends PJ and Marty who live in this apartment building. It […]

The Lights Are On, But No One’s Home?!

This site, PleaseRobMe, got a lot of buzz today because it took the check-in data from Foursquare’s API and listed everyone who is not at […]

NSFW Birthday Cupcakes in Philly

Last month, I took the Bolt Bus down to Philadelphia for Chris’ surprise 30th birthday party. It was a blast with plenty of food, a […]

Sunset Park Not Deer Valley

I took this picture at the top of Sunset Park. It’s a beautiful view of the skyline.

Might As Well Put My Two Cents In: Gawker Acquires CityFile

I normally don’t write on matters of the Gawker, but I think that the CityFile acquisition is a good thing. Hardly anyone who has been […]

Cinnabon Cinnacake

I’m here in Seattle Washington to preview Cinnabon’s new line of cupcakes. I will write a full post when I get back home to Brooklyn, […]