The Week In Links (Mach 27): Erin, Elline, Betty and Delia

This week was about all the ladies which is very appropriate since it is the end of Women’s History Month. Wednesday, I attended the book […]

The Week In Links (March 20): Buttermilk, Valentino and Brussel Sprouts

Some leftover bits from SXSW. Check out these cool beans–Lauren from LifestylerMag, Leigh from PNN and Nick from Triple Pundit. On Wednesday, I had dinner […]

Back From South By: Moments In Love, Hate and WTF

This post is a recap of things that I loved, hated, and WTFed?! about SXSW. First, I hated that I missed the Food Blogging Panel […]

@SXSW: Finance 2.0, Money Management to Save This Generation WAKE UP!!! Today, I will speaking on a very important panel at 10am,  Finance 2.0, Money Management to Save This Generation. I am so […]

Tweets From “Can Social Media End Racism Panel?”, Part 2

misterjt: Reminder to myself to check out @racialicious‘s coverage of kidscreen #racesxsw 23 seconds ago 2009-03-15T17:11:16Z allaboutgeorge: #racesxsw Peterson: You create a refuge in order […]

Tweets From The Can Social Media End Racism Panel, Part 1

allaboutgeorge: #racesxsw Peterson says tactics to combat racism are to spread knowledge, to create a refuge and to mobilize a base to take action. about […]

That’s Not My Name: Beating Down Misogyny Online

Panelists: Samhita and Ann from Feministing, Amanda Marcotte, and Cecily Walker. heathr: this is insane, rtwt @lizhenry: Feministing has its own assigned FBI agent to […]

Tweets from The Bootstrap Your Startup Panel

Check out the slideshare prepared by Bijoy for this panel. niche: Dealing with duality (valley of death) #bootstrapsxsw about 7 hours ago 2009-03-14T17:09:10Z niche: Next […]

Tweets From The Women and Feminism Panel

Heather Gold led an interesting yet somewhat meandering panel about feminism, privacy and social networking. robertgorell: [If you say so, ladies… ] RT @niche: Men […]

Tweets From The SXSW Core Conversation: Queerosphere

I’m using Twickie to live tweet and I will post my tweets on the blog. jeremymeyers: @niche of course. there hasn’t been any homophobia since […]