Conversations At A Brooklyn Party

My first stop on Saturday evening was to an art gallery show on the Lower East Side featuring work by the mother of a friend. […]

Backlash To ‘Girls’ Backlash

I have had it up to here (Imagine me at the 5ft marker of a pool) of the articles and blog posts about new HBO […]

Spring Shoes Showdown

Listed in no particular order, these are ten shoes that are trending by the Chelsea Market shoppers. 1. White High Top Converse 2. Lace-up Vans […]

Ten Funny Guys

Listed without commentary and in no particular order, here are eight ten funny Black men that I have seen do stand-up comedy. 1. Baron Vaughn 2. […]

Darkest Before The Dawn

Last night’s episode of "Mad Men" showcased two new employees. Dawn is the new secretary for Don who is basically an affirmative action hire that […]