Freedom Of Choice

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jellybean cupcakes at drop i.o party, originally uploaded by nichellest.

I saw these cupcakes with jellybeans at the Drop i.o party In DUMBO and I thought, “Type 2 Diabetes”. I chose not to eat them, mainly because I have indulged this week with cupcakes at Batch with Blondie and Brownie and RKB on Monday Plus  cookies at Crumbs Bakeshop with Mia Bauer. I  also re-met Chrysanthe who work at and competed in the Cupcake Cook-off last month.

After the party, I went with the Kap to see Devo. We missed the Tom Tom Club, but it was a blast!

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Graffiti Bridge

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manhattanbridge cloudy, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Today was fun walking around lower Manhattan and East Village. First, there was a clothing swap at St. Margaret’s House.  Then, my friends and I dodged the rain by walking under the overpass by the East River. We saw the structure for the New York City Waterfalls, a new public art project that will be on display starting  June 26.

Later we went to The Delancey for rooftop BBQ, and later went to listen to experimental music from composer Barney McAll.

I Would Die 4 U

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originally uploaded by nichellest.

The “no booze diet” is not gonna work for me because I am way too social and plus I like a good drink. The solution came to me today when I met David Wales at LikeMind. He gave a card for the Prudent Boozers Society which advocates the “4 floor program”.

  1. savor the 1st drink
  2. sip the 2nd
  3. nurse the third
  4. skip the fourth

Since I often go to several events in one night, my new rule is this. I am only staying for one drink. If I stay longer than one drink, then I have to skip the next event.

Speaking of social, last Friday I went to Ted and Amy Supper Club hosted by Kara. Alex took loads of pictures and I can be really intense when playing Connect Four.

Under The Sea

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wig, originally uploaded by nichellest.

The Mermaid Parade is next Saturday and I may wear this wig–or not.

Maybe I should dye my hair.

I went to two different Walgreen’s and I couldn’t find mud mask.

I am going to try to get more sleep.

It’s mid-June already?!

Walk Of Shame Shopping

A few years ago, my friend Erin Hall of Erin and The Cello wrote a fun song called “Walk Of Fame”. Some of the lyrics go like this:

It’s not the walk of shame.
No! No! No!
It’s called the walk of fame.
Yo! Ho! Ho!

Summer’s here and people tend to get a bit frisky with the more sunlight and warmer weather. Hooking up on a school night can be fun; that’s totally cool. However, it can be a pain in the ass (no pun intended) clothing-wise the next day especially for a chick. Women CANNOT wear the same outfit to work two days in a row. Therefore, “walk of shame” Shopping is the only solution. Here are a few recommendations.

  1. If you hook-up downtown, you best bet is to go to Century 21 (22 Cortlandt Street). It opens at the crack of dawn at 7:45 AM, Monday Through Friday.
  2. Most Gaps/Old Navys open at 10AM, except for the ones near Times Square which may open at 9AM and the one at 6th Ave around 46th Street opens at 8 AM
  3. K-Mart on Astor Place (yes it may come to this) opens early. I think as early as 8AM, but I have to confirm.
  4. Chinatown is usually a no- go because all you will find of knock-off of Louie Vuitton bags and I LOVE NY T-shirts. This would be good only if your “walk of shame” morning coincides with Halloween and you could say that you are in costume as a tourist.
  5. For the fast-fashion cheap fashionistas, there’s Strawberry. The one at Grand Central opens at 8AM.
  6. Here a proactive option: If after a few drinks during happy hour, you are 99.9% that you going home with the musician/writer/vegan that you are talking to, stop by the American Apparel store on the Lower East Side (183 East Houston St) which stays open to 10PM on weeknights. An outfit may only set you back $50. It’s worth it; besides, the guy is gonna pay for the taxi  Uber to Astoria or East Bushwick.  Right?!