Thrillist 3rd Anniversary Party

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Since I am all about pre-gaming for my birthday, my friends and I stopped by the Thrillist party after the Agency Spy party last night. When we got there, the line outside was almost around the block, but luckily Flavie, Thrillist’s wonderful Director of Communications, got us in quickly. It was good to see old friends and a new one, Marlo from Sweet Revenge. She was there because her delicious cupcakes were there. I just wish that the were not displayed in plastic cups, but the party people were probably too busy dancing  and/or hooking up to notice. The party was crazy crowded which facilitated a cameo appearance by us before dashing out to grab dinner at Mr. Dennehy’s. The server there was nice and the food was pretty tasty. Carmine Street is quickly becoming one of my new favorite places in the Village.

This Week In Links (Friday, November 21)

Sorry for the delay.
Sunday. I went to Cupcake Camp East in Philadelphia. Met the girls from Open Source Cupcakes.

Monday. Bought this book, The Senator and The Socialite.

Tuesday. Saw Malcolm Gladwell talk at B&N about his book, Outliers.

Wednesday. Working Women’s Luncheon and Cupcake Meetup at Sweet Revenge.

Thursday. Went to the Folk Art Museum, drank Beaujolais Nouveau.

Friday. Party at friend’s house.

Upcoming: My Birthday is Thursday, November 27.

Favorite words/terms this week: falseghetto, scoffing, street credibility.

Taking Stock: Now I Am Stocky

pink paisley pash

Earlier this year, I took plenty of photos of myself, mainly to see what clothes and colors look good on me, and partly to be a gratuitous blogger. However, in the last four months, I have stopped taking pictures of myself and coincidentally I have gained 10lbs. I took the photo above on Friday, but you may notice my smile and my paisley pink pashmina, the thing is I noticed how tight was the skirt I had on. This extra weight is uncomfortable, and I keeping wishing it was magically disappear on its own accord. I was always skinny growing up so I never learned the discipline of exercise and/or dieting. Similarly I did well in school up until college so I had to learn how to study or risk flunking out of school. I have to learn how to do this diet and exercise thing whereas some of my friends are “A-students”. The first thing I’m trying is to eat less, and to sleep more. My metabolism ain’t what it used to be, but my hedonism still yearns for burgers and fries.

2002 Want List: Some Things Never Change

I found an old “want list” which is way more focused on intention than a “wish list”. It’s a list of things I want for my life. [The things in bold is what I can safely say I have achieved.]

  • A fabulous new career
  • Write book
  • Learn how to play guitar
  • Trip to Hong Kong
  • Take Yoga
  • Partner in dreams and goals
  • Lose weight; be more healthy
  • Volunteer, mentor
  • Supportive circle of friends
  • Flowers received on a regular basis
  • Perform in front of an audience
  • Home Office
  • Sew
  • Community Involvement
  • A serenade
  • Renaissance boyfriend who is unselfish lover
  • Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure

Funny how neither love nor love money is explicitly listed.

The Week In Links Ending Friday, November 14

Monday: Birthday Party for RKB at Ethiopian Restaurant, Awash. There were cupcakes, too.

Tuesday: New York Tech Meetup at IAC.  Check out Glue and MixedInk.

Wednesday: Brooklyn Hilary’s birthday/going away party, CITY magazine event and Red Cup Tweetup at Starbucks.

Thursday: Media Meshing.

Tonight: Sex Blogger Calendar Party and Matt’s Birthday party.

Favorite expression (via Ugly Betty) “You’re a snow day”.

Cupcakes Take The Cake Bloggers

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We celebrated Rachel’s birthday Monday night. My birthday is coming in a few weeks. It is on Thanksgiving this year, November 27.

For Thanksgiving, I’m having dinner with friends at a Cercle Rouge, a French restaurant in Tribeca.

Yay! Turkey. Yay! L’Ophelin Thanksgiving.

The Weeks in Links (November 7)

It was Ad:Tech week with many parties. There was a historical election with many election night parties. It’s been a blast!

Monday at some Ad:Tech party, I finally met Sarah Cooley and Amber Show. Plus, I drank some sweet girl beer, Michelob Ultra with Raspberry Pomegranate.

Tuesday, I was hanging out at the Air America offices watching the early elections returns and carbo-loading on pasta before going to the party in Soho. It was great to see Baratunde Thurston there, yet I wish he was hologrammed into the CNN studios instead of Will.I. Am.

Wednesday, I had a election night hangover/euphoria but got back into the swing of things by attending the Akamai launch party at IAC.

Thursday was quiet.

Tonight, I am going to see the Sweet Divines at the Tribeca 92 Street Y.

Be sure to get your Obama sticker with artwork by Shepard Fairey.