This Week In Links (Friday November 28)

Tuesday: Board Meeting for Right Rides.  Don’t buy me a birthday or Christmas present.  Please contribute to Right Rides which promote women’s safety by proving […]

Thrillist 3rd Anniversary Party

PB249059, originally uploaded by Logged Hours. Since I am all about pre-gaming for my birthday, my friends and I stopped by the Thrillist party after […]

Cupcakes Take the Cake Immortalized

I love Cupcakes Take the Cake, originally uploaded by cakespy. Oh I so love this. Jessie Oleson from Cake Spy drew this lovely picture of […]

Jessica Cutler and Me

Jessica Cutler and Nichelle, originally uploaded by editrixie. I love this picture! In just two weeks, one of us is getting hitched. Jessica Cutler nuptial’s […]

This Week In Links (Friday, November 21)

Sorry for the delay. Sunday. I went to Cupcake Camp East in Philadelphia. Met the girls from Open Source Cupcakes. Monday. Bought this book, The […]

Taking Stock: Now I Am Stocky

Earlier this year, I took plenty of photos of myself, mainly to see what clothes and colors look good on me, and partly to be […]

2002 Want List: Some Things Never Change

I found an old “want list” which is way more focused on intention than a “wish list”. It’s a list of things I want for […]

The Week In Links Ending Friday, November 14

Monday: Birthday Party for RKB at Ethiopian Restaurant, Awash. There were cupcakes, too. Tuesday: New York Tech Meetup at IAC.  Check out Glue and MixedInk. […]

Cupcakes Take The Cake Bloggers

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The Weeks in Links (November 7)

It was Ad:Tech week with many parties. There was a historical election with many election night parties. It’s been a blast! Monday at some Ad:Tech […]