Forget The Fear Worry About The Addiction


On Sunday, I overheard this young musician tell a fellow musician about the book Life Doesn’t Frighten Me.   I smiled to myself as I remember the book by Maya Angelou and illustrated by Basquiat. It is a children’s book, but I think I need a copy.

In some many ways, I am fearless. I am gregarious at parties. I meet a lot of people. I have been on TV, done a wee bit of stand-up  and burlesque.  Lately, I get fearful over silly things like opening emails from people that require action from me. I am fearful of being away from email for more two hours. I fear that I am not doing all I can with my blogs.

Yesterday, I went to the TDBank Flip event at the Trapeze School.  It was fun and scary. There was no way I could have climbed up the shaky ladder and fly into the air.  I would have had a panic attack. I got on the trampoline and that was a little scary for me. I am a not of fan of shaky ground. I’m glad I went to try. It was good to see other people try and succeed, and it was also good to see people try and decide not to do trapeze.  It’s good to know yourself well enough to know what you can or cannot do.

Anyway, I don’t usually do the personal introspective stuff because it’s not what I do.  One thing I am not afraid of is what people think of me. I may not respond to every tweet, facebook message or email. If that bothers people, then so be it. I can’t talk all day online and get stuff done.

Hester Street Fair

lamb bunnychow

Sunday, The Boy and I went to the Hester Street Fair which open earlier this month. There are some nice jewelry, and accessories vendors, but we came for the food. I talked to DJO from Mama O’s and he gave us some kimchi salsa. Luke’s Lobster was there, and we had to share a lobster roll an a shrimp roll. Also, we ate lamb bunnychow from South African restaurant Bunny Chow.


We ran into our friend John who biked down to Hester Street because he heard there would be pie, but there was none. Also, I  thought that DB Sweets would be there as well selling cupcakes.  Maybe it was an off weekend or maybe the vendors rotate.  I will visit again in the next couple of weeks to try Malbon Brothers pulled pork.

Red Hook Mercado

Red Hook Mercado

<pPapusa At Red Hook Mercado

I have been hearing about the Red Hook Ball Fields vendors for years, but I actually never tasted the deliciousness until Saturday. I made the trek down to Red Hook Mercado, a new food and other stuff market in Red Hook. It is on Van Brunt Street and close to other Red Hook landmarks including Hope and Anchor and Baked. The Boy and I ate tacos, papusas from Soler and chalupas. Plus we ate Robicellis‘ cupcakes (Tres Leches and Bea Arthur) for dessert. Muy Bueno!

Niche List: Kimchi, Boobs, Circus

absolut brooklyn
A new “Spike Lee Joint” is this red apple and ginger flavored vodka. I wonder what it would taste like in a martini, substituting olives for lychee.

Saturday, May 22. Mama O’s Kimchee will be at Greenpoint Food Market sharing a table with Laena from Anarchy In A Jar. It’s condiment heaven!

Saturday, May 22. HyperGender Burlesque has a show called “Diasporic Dreams” featuring the founders of Brown Girls Burlesque, Aurora Boobrealis and Dame Cuchafrita. $15 WOW Cafe Theater.

Ongoing until June 6. Cirque De Soleil OVO is now playing at Randall’s Island. I am proud to say that I know Michelle Matlock who stars in the show. She plays the Ladybug. Many moons ago, Michelle had a one-woman called The Mammy Project. Also, Michelle is in an article in the New York Times about the Dazzle Dancers who I saw at the Siren Festival ages ago. Good Times.

Niche List: Veggie Prom, Jewelry Making, Franklin St and More

Carousel in DUMBO
The Jane Carousel in DUMBO.

May 14. Veggie Prom at Littlefield.

May 15. Vintage-inspired Jewelry making at The Brooklyn Museum with Kae Burke. 2-4PM $15 materials fee.

May 15. Brooklyn Based is celebrating their third anniversary with Total Franklin Street Immersion. Hopefully the G train is running.

May 15. $20 vintage dress sale at ReDress in Boerum Hill. Also, read The Gloss’s post by Lilit Marcus on wearing vintage.

May 15-16. New flea market, Red Hook Mercado opens this weekend. Tacos and cupcakes, oh my.

Read: Jami Attenberg’s new book, The Melting Season. There’s a Prince impersonator in the book. Need I say more?!

Lena Horne.

I didn’t know her personally.

I didn’t know it would hit me so hard.

Lena Horne has died.

“My identity is very clear to me now. I am a black woman. I’m free. I no longer have to be a ‘credit.’ I don’t have to be a symbol to anybody; I don’t have to be a first to anybody. I don’t have to be an imitation of a white woman that Hollywood sort of hoped I’d become. I’m me, and I’m like nobody else.”

She said that at age 80. I so wish she was free to say it much sooner.

Niche List: May 7 Ice Cream, Design And Music

Picture taken at P0rno Bingo at Pieces on Thursday. Slowest Bingo ever.

Haagen Dazs Five is the best thing ever. It is their new line of ice cream with only five ingredients, milk, sugar, egg, cream, and the fruit/flavor of the ice cream. I just tasted the lemon and I love it. I can’t wait to try the ginger.

FRIDAYS IN MAY. Erin and Her Cello is doing a Friday residency for the month of May at Rockwood Music Hall starting tonight. Tonight’s show is at 8PM; the following Fridays the shows will be at 7PM. Free.

MAY 8-9. Brooklyn Designs at St. Ann’s Warehouse $15. I fully expect to see Ted Allen or Marty Markowitz there.

MAY 13. La Res will be playing at Don Hill’s (511 Greenwich Street) at 8:30PM.

Learn Stuff: Upcoming Classes, Panels, Workshops

The Brides To Be and Me
Old photo that Ryan Brenizer took four years ago at a bridal shower.

May 12: Learn more about the fashion industry Work it Brooklyn Fashion Panel at Kingdom.

June 10: TechMunchNYC, a food blogger workshop at the Roger Smith.*

June 21: Wedding Photography Class with Ryan Brenizer at Adorama.

July 15-18: Stained glass class with Joseph Cavalieri at Urban Glass.

*I am co-producing TechMunch NYC with Babette Pepaj of BakeSpace.