12 Tips for Better Networking

Digging through notes from my oldYahoo account, I found this.  It’s tips from a class I took nine years ago, and it is still relevant today.

  1. See Yourself as a resource for others.
  2. Seek common personal and professional interests.
  3. Balance the amount of time you talk and listen
  4. Introduce yourself to ‘people of influence’.
  5. Join other conversations already in progress.
  6. Introduce colleagues to help them increase their contacts.
  7. Offer and seek referral when you feel it is appropriate.
  8. Circulate and talk to as many people as possible.
  9. End your conversations on a positive note and ask for the person’s business card or way to stay in contact.
  10. Promptly call or send information to a contact after the event.
  11. Follow up periodically on all your networking contacts.
  12. Help others achieve their professional or personal goals and they will think of you when they or someone they know needs your skills or service.

Hot Grease With Nicole Taylor

peppers at Roberta's garden

Today I had the pleasure of being on Nicole Taylor’s show on Heritage Radio Network, “Hot Grease“. We talked and laughed about the latest news in food and hot food topics. The radio studio is in a recycled shipping container in the back of Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick. There’s a garden and I took a picture of the peppers growing in the backyard.

After the show I ordered the Speckenwolf pizza. I love Speck. It is the bacon of fancypants.

BTW, Nicole and I will be down in Atlanta in December for Lavish. I will be moderating a panel on food trends.

Blog World Expo: Fun, Fun, Fun

Techmunch "Curating Content" Panel
I really enjoyed my first Blog World Expo. It was great to meet new people and learn tips on how to make my blogs and social media better. Thanks to Babette Pepaj founder of BakeSpace for producing TechMunch Food Track and for Jenn-Air for providing the demo kitchen.

Things I loved about Blog World:

  • Thanks to Babette of BakeSpace for inviting to come and speak. It was fun!
  • Meeting my fellow Techmunch panelists–LA Time’s Rene Lynch, LAist’s Lindsay Williams-Ross, and TechZulu’s Amanda Coolong. Our panel rocked!
  • Seeing old NYC friends who now live in LA– Jayme Waxman and Tara Settembre.
  • Eating lots of steak and shrimp at the Omaha Steaks event. Lovely talking to Todd Simon.
  • Getting a hop scotch (butterscotch) cupcake from Kari Haskell of Retro Bakery. She’s cupcake royalty in Las Vegas.
  • Meeting Manouschka Guerrier (Single Serving) of Food Network’s Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.  She’s a blogger and celebrity chef.
  • Seeing Scott Hanselman’s presentation, “32 Ways To Make Your Blog Suck Less
  • Recognizing Brett Erlich at the Techmunch dinner as the host of Rotten Tomatoes on Current.
  • Lovely tasting of sashimi, short ribs, octopus at Yellowtail. Thanks Light Group.
  • Thanks Pop Chips for a basket of potato chips. I ate a lot of chips.
  • Meeting Edouard Lambelet of Paper.li.  I wonder if Geneva has a burgeoning tech scene.
  • Being interviewed by Sam Smith of Restaurant Business Magazine at the Pepsi booth.
  • Getting on stage to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” with a bunch of techies at the Palms. Thanks Mashable.
  • Hanging out with Erik Trinidad (Fancy Fast Food) and his buddy Terrence. Brooklyn Represent!
  • Tip from Aaron Aviles: when traveling, take a photo of your hotel room number with your phone, so you know where to sleep when you get back after a night of partying.

Conferences And BlogWorld Next Week

TechMunch at BlogWorld Expo
Recently, I changed my twitter bio to say: “Cupcake Enthusiast, Editor, Connector. Tweets about food,conferences and Mad Men.” I added conferences because I go to lots of them. In the past week, I have spoken at Pod Camp Philly and attended Finovate. Next week, I will be speaking at Blog World Expo as part of TechMunch.

This year, I have been to about 10 conferences. At PodCamp Philly, one of the speakers said something that resonated with me. People go to conferences mainly for two reasons: networking and education. I would also add to deal-making and branding yourself as an expert. I like speaking at conferences, and hope to get paid to speak one of these day.


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Thursday and Friday, I attended the Influencer10 conference which took place at 45 Bleecker.  I really like the panel discussions which centered around influence. The first panel was about innovators and influencers.  You can be inherently innovative, but can you be inherently an influencer. In my opinion, influencers are often more extroverted.  They have to be out there for people to see them and be influenced by them.

Key Takeaways from Influencer10:

Digital literacy is incredibly important.

The more an influencer TRIES to influence, the less influence they actually have.

Be true to yourself.

If you can engage a core fan base, then you are rock solid.

Respect your digital self the same way you respect your personal self.

We are not monolithic.