Ignite: Soldering, Startups and Social Magic

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ignite, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Ignite NYC was amazing in it geekiness and creativity. If I majored in electrical engineering at Georgia Tech, I would have considered competing in the soldering competition. There were about 10 guys who did competed, and twice as many people who documented it via iPhone, digital camera and video camera.

Almost everyone actively or tangentially involve in the “downtown tech scene” was at Ignite. The 5-minute presentations were cool, but there were too many. New Yorkers like to talk and drink WAY more than they like to listen, so it was hard to hear some of the later presentations.

I really liked Tony B’s co-working/start-up rap which included beatbox by Alex from Indy Hall, and Nate Westheimer’s Social Magic Theory. Dressed like a carnival huckster in a seersucker suit and bow tie, Nate explained social magic can be achieved through triangulation and pleasurable cognitive dissonance. After all that I stopped by Tokyo Bar to have dessert. The chocolate parfait is delicious!

Related: Allen Salkin’s New York Times article about the downtown tech scene which included coverage of the Ignite party.

Linda Villarosa and Me

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Nichelle and Linda, originally uploaded by kleopatrjones.

Monday, I along with many wonderful friends celebrated Sarah Schulman’s 50th birthday at East Village public garden Le Petit Versailles.

At the party, I met Linda Villarosa who is a journalist and author. Having written several books about health and parenting for African Americans, she has penned her first novel, Passing For Black, which was just released in June.

My blog buddy and new twitter friend Tayari Jones took this photo.

Caramel Ice Cream, Sweet Music, and A Play with Balls

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caramel ice cream at NYC ICY, originally uploaded by nichellest.

After going to see Erin and Her Cello play at Ars Nova, I stopped by NYC Icy on 10th Avenue to enjoy a scoop of caramel ice cream on a sugar cone. It was delicious! I am so glad they re-opened.

BTW, Erin and Cello are playing at Joe’s Pub on Saturday, August 16. She has news songs and a wonderful cover of a Cranberries tune.

If you like to indulge in culture, check out the last performances of Prince Trevor Among The Elephants which is part of the Midtown Theatre Festival. It is a hilarious, epic fairy tale for adults with a little full front nudity!  Chicks and Giggles alum Kelli Nichols is in the play.

Sweet and Savory at Eton

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hawaiian shaved ice at Eton, originally uploaded by nichellest.

First I will announce this: song titles may not necessarily be the titles of my blog posts. I have do more with SEO (search engine optimization).

Anyway, I stumbled upon a wonderful surprise yesterday evening. As I walking along Sackett Street in Cobble Hill, I saw Eton, this little place that sells Hawaiian shaved ice and savory dumplings. I loved it!

I ordered the pork/beef cabbage dumplings, and they were delicious. Next time, I am going for the chicken mushroom.
porkbeefcabbage dumplings

There are eighteen flavors to choose for the shaved ice including mango, coconut, and passion fruit. Since it was my first time, I chose strawberry/lemon shaved ice. Then you pick a “topping”. Vanilla ice cream was recommended by the Eton, so I went with it even though I was duboius of the taste. Actually the “topping” is actually a “bottoming” since it is put in the cute flowerpot containers first before the shaved ice. The end result is like a creamsicle.

vanilla makes it like a creamsicle

Fun Day

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red velvet cupcake eaters, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Blink and you may have missed it. There was a short but sweet cupcake parade in Fort Greene today celebrating Cake Man Raven’s eight anniversary. Dozens of Red velvet cupcakes were doled out to everyone on Fulton Street.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz declared that Red Velvet Cupcakes by Cake Man Raven are the best. I had two cupcakes and I concur. Marty also said that for today (July 20, 2008) the cupcakes were zero calories. You gotta love a politician who can tell a blatant but funny lie. 🙂  See more photos on my Cupcake Parade Flickr Set.

Pig Roast at 3rd Ward


pork taco and wooden leg, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Despite the heat, I went to the 1st annual Pig Roast at 3rd Ward.

When I first arrived, I saw Brownie (Alex) from Blondie and Brownie. We chatted and waited in line to get our pork taco platters which included grilled corn, pinto beans and coleslaw. I opted to have a Wooden Leg, a nice rye whiskey cocktail.

Zach Brooks from Midtown Lunch and Serious Eats was there serving up tacos while hanging out with the folks from Brooklyn Kitchen.

I also met Erin, a brand new transplant to New York who also writes for Serious Eats. BTW, I am amazed at 3rd Ward’s artist and coworking space. Now that I know how to get out to East Williamsburg, I will visit 3rd Ward again. No pig required.

Kiss Me Deadly

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killmeloudly, originally uploaded by nichellest.

Last night I went to see “Kill Me Loudly“, a very funny play. It is a clown noir starring Deanna Fleysher, Chris Manley, Chris Roberti and Jeff Seal. These four are NOT scary clowns that perform at children’s parties. They are sexy, crazy, acrobatic clowns who had me howling with laughter throughout the show.

I highly recommend going if you want to laugh. Plus, you get to see guys playing with paddles and stripped down to their skivvies.

Milagro Theater at Clemente Soto Velez
107 Suffolk between Delancey and Rivington
$15 (to purchase tickets go to Brown Paper Tickets)


Saturday, July 19 8PM
Friday, July 25 8PM
Saturday, July 26 8PM


Via Email from Welsh Assembly Gov’t: There’s a new self-guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, New York, visiting ten places associated with Dylan Thomas has newly been published by the Welsh Assembly Government’s New York office. The tour has been written by Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan, and Swansea poet Peter Thabit Jones. You can print out the tour by going to Dylan Thomas.

Via Brooklyn Based Artists Wanted, heads to Chelsea to host a block party outside White Box gallery for the opening of Kim Holleman’s Solo Show, “TRASHNAMI! CIRCA 2012: Ruminations on a Changing World,” where her surreal “land art,” like a massive, trash-bag tidal wave and mobile public park (a k a “Trailer Park”) will be installed. Outside, a flatbed truck will stage DJs for the celebratory street party. July 17th, 6- 11 pm, 525 West 26 St., whiteboxny.org